Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Micro-Mechanics: System Revealed! More upside? Price 2.10

Yesterday , we saw a massive run in Micro-Mechanics and some asked what the prospects were for more upside…

I was taking a look at the system to see how it looks and here it goes…

Looking at more than 60% gain from the 1st bullish 1ET signal in August at current price…

We had an exit for that signal and the thing is…

We actually had NEW BULLISH ENTRY signals last week again….

Before the move happened yesterday….

System aside, still looking good above 2.00 imo… will be seeing when the next exit SIGNALS comes out….

For now, NO EXITS yet….

Can’t wait to impart to my next batch of students in a few weeks time the reason BEHIND the signals…  don’t you think it is so much more powerful if you know why?

But more importantly, give them exclusive access to this SYSTEM….….

For illustration purpose only

Tech Stocks in Play Again? Which ones in our watchlist? See it here....

Over the past few days, we have seen renewed strength in some of the Technology counters….

Inner circle members were alerted and charts were re-analyze with new targets drawn to ride the upside…

Some of these counters were actually covered 3 weeks back just before the real move began….

Take a look at some of the charts below with targets drawn previously…

1st target has already been hit for some of them but upside may not be over…

2nd target still possible…

Just to name a few that we still have in our watch list below, counters are: UMS, Sunningdale Tech, Valuetronics….

System is still looking good for some of them....

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UMS – Price now 1.065

For illustration purpose only

Sunningdale Tech – Price now 2.31

For illustration purpose only

Valuetronics – Price now 1.045

For illustration purpose only

Monday, October 30, 2017

China Aviation: Nearing next target.... Price 1.76. Watching for next phase....

Just about 3 weeks ago, we saw some nice price actions with China Aviation breaking the 1.63 level that it has been consolidating below for a month...

Finally it has awokened then....

Anyway we started to see more strength coming back with it hitting our first target last week..

But seems like our 2nd target at 1.80 is still on track....

This level is key for the upside to continue.

Would be looking for more specific price action to see the next phase up.....

For now, never wrong to take some profits near there. ;)

Yes, we did see something on the SYSTEM too, before the move began. PTI grads can check....

That would guide us when to exit too... watching...

For illustration purpose only.

See the updated chart below that shows where we are today...

2nd target almost hit....

Playing out well as per targets drawn 3 weeks back above... Who would have known....

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Friday, October 27, 2017

UnUsUal: Did it Just boomed again as mentioned? Price 0.695. System says?

Just last week, inner circle spotted some actions with UnUsUal clearing above the 0.54 resistance level that it has traded below for the past 5 months..

Have not seen much actions before and suddenly it has awakened…

What an unusual name by the way… haha

Anyway, our first target at 0.600 has been hit this week and more strength came back….

See what was sent out last week with targets drawn….

For illustration purpose only

Has started to push higher towards our next higher revised target at 0.700

May see some profit taking near here before more direction… 

Not a bad run….

See what were our revised target yesterday to inner circle….  Almost hit…

Still more upside?

Read more below this chart to see what the system says!

For illustration purpose only

More importantly, some people have asked me what the SYSTEM SAYS AFTER massive run over the past few weeks….

Well, we did have a 1ET BULLISH Entry signal…

27 Sept 2017, exactly 1 month ago…. Entry price at 0.505…

Looking at a GAIN OF 37.6% IN 1 MONTH and counting….

Still NO EXITS……

Upside may really still not be over….will see what the system says again in the coming weeks…..

But we will take step to protect profits right now!!!  ;)

For illustration purpose only

Heeton: Can the next target still be on track? Price 0.600

Just last week, we spotted some nice actions in Heeton when the 0.55 level gave way….  It was pretty fast….

Some targets were drawn again with it seems like we have already hit out 1st target at 0.600 today….

Uptrend still looks favorable if the 0.600 level can lift off on a specific price action….

Has been consolidating from 0.58 to 0.60 over the last few days and taking a breather….

Upside may not be over yet with 0.58 holding now…..we’ll see….

SYSTEM WISE??? Looking good..

Yes we did had a bullish signal before the move started…..

Want to know the strategy behind?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jiutian Chemical: Next phase up? Price 0.049

Just yesterday, we spotted some good actions in Jiutian Chemical when it went through the 0.043 level and inner circle members were alerted

It was then about 0.045 as seen from the chart below and looking good....

Some targets were drawn and it seems like we have already hit our first target at 0.050 just now….

Having said that, if we get through this level on a specific price action…. 

There may still be more meat….

We’ll see….

Next target to 0.060 on track?

For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oxley: Spotted and ran.... More upside still? Price 0.735

Just about 2 weeks back, we spotted some actions with Oxley approaching the key resistance level at 0.60 - 0.61……

It was then at about 0.59 and a chart was pulled up with some targets drawn where we expected it to hit 0.66 in the short term….

See what I mean below….

Over the past week, we have not only seen more favorable price action but we saw our 1st target breached as well….

For illustration purpose only

We have raised our target higher last week to 0.70 and for those who have attended my seminar last Thursday.. (Last workshop left next Sunday btw)

This was also the stock that was mentioned for more upside….

Seems like we have breached both targets and looking to head towards 0.800 next.. 

Price at 0.735 now…

Looking at a 24.5% GAIN IN 2 WEEKS from when we first spotted it!!!!

Would want to protect profits….

Looking forward to share more stocks like these to my NEW BATCH of Inner circle members in 1 month’s time… super excited!!!!

For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lian Beng: Target hit but upside may not be over yet, price 0.745. System says?

Just 2 weeks back, we saw some positive actions in Lian Beng with it breaching past the key 0.65 level.

It was then at about 0.66 level and a chart was quickly drawn with some targets

Indicators were also looking favorable then, 

See what was sent out to inner circle members

For illustration purpose only

Over the past 2 weeks we have indeed seen more strength and it has NOT ONLY breached our 1st target at 0.70 but also continued to push higher over the past few days….

Seeing a new high at 0.745 today again.

For now, we may see some temp resistance at 0.75 but we may still be good to go after that… target hit, but upside may not be over…  ;)

SYSTEM still looking nice….

Yes, we did see a CLEAR BULLISH SIGNAL on the system……

Before the move started….. see where we are now below….

Can it head to our higher revised target at 0.80 then 0.90?

More importantly, want to find out How You Can be part of My Inner Circle and Get Calls like theses just as Things are about to happen? 

I mean not that delayed though there can still be more upside....

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Delong: What a run seen.... More upside from here with System still good? Price 3.52

Just about a month back, we spotted some really good actions in Delong… it was really quiet over the past year and suddenly some solid actions came back…. no idea why…

Anyway a chart was drawn on the 5th Oct 2017 as seen below when it was at 2.11 with some near term target at 2.40….

The uptrend was looking good BUT there were some risk to holding this stock too that we were aware off.

See what was drawn then…

For illustration purpose only

A few days later, our 1st target at 2.40 was hit and it started pushing higher….

All the way up to the resistance at 3.00 where it started to consolidate…

Nothing abnormal given the run we had seen where some profit taking was to be expected….

But just last Thursday again on 19 Oct 2017… we spotted some nice actions above the 3.00 mark….  

A new target was drawn to ride the next phase where inner circle members were alerted again….. Price 3.04!

See below…

For illustration purpose only

We have clearly breached this level today…. With even the 3.50 giving way too…

Looks like there is no stopping this counter for now…

BUT given the spike we have seen over the past 1 month, we would definitely want to take CONCRETE STEPS to protect profits while letting gain ride if still possible….

From the SYSTEM, we actually had a 1ET BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL on 18 Sept 2017……

Looking at a 107.8% GAIN in 1 month and counting….. and there are still NO EXITS……

What a run we have seen… but can it head to 4.00 next in the next few weeks?  We’ll see.  ;) 

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We’re closed for the year after that…..

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Friday, October 20, 2017

CityDev: Is the uptrend still intact? See System! Price 13.21

Just last week, we spotted some nice actions in CityDev with the 12.00 key resistance lifting off nicely....

It was at 12.15 and a chart was quickly pulled up with targets drawn where inner circle members were alerted...

Has started to trade higher since and has touched our first target at 13.00 over the past few days...

Though it might be higher, we can see more strength if it holds above 13.00 now, with targets likely to be revised upwards to 14.00 and above too...

See what was sent!

For illustration purpose only

We started to see some profit taking when the Hong Kong market sold down at the last hour yesterday.

However, today we are seeing renewed strength with buyers covering back positions above 13.00...

The thing is...

We are still NOT seeing any EXITS on our system.... ;)

Well, we actually had a 1ET BULLISH ENTRY signal on 9 Oct 2017, last Monday.  Entry price at 11.84...

Looking at a 11.6% GAIN in less than 2 WEEKS.... and counting...

So where to now?

Well targets has been revised up again.... shhhh....

Can't wait to share this system with my next batch of students.....  looking forward....  ;)

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

UOL: Still looking strong... Price 9.07. System Revealed!

Slightly more than 2 weeks ago, we spotted some really solid price action in UOL with the 8.20 level giving way.

Buyers started to come out in full force thereafter and a chart was drawn with some targets…

It started to show some actions last week and we then revised our target higher to 9.00….

Seems like even that gave way today too.... See what was drawn last week...

For illustration purpose only

With the move today, targets can be revised higher towards 9.50 then 10.00 probably. Uptrend still looking strong above 9.00 now... Protect ;)

What about the System which first alerted us to this counter? 

Well, we are still NOT SEEING ANY EXITS .......  exits on what?

Exits on the 1ET bullish signals we had on 2nd  Oct 2017, about 2 weeks ago, Entry price 8.21.

This was even before it started it’s actions....

See what I mean below. Revealed!!

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For illustration purpose only

Guocoland: A new upwards phase from here ? Spotted something last week.... Price 2.47

Just last week, inner circle members were alerted to Guocoland when we saw it  approached the key 2.40 level. Was then at above 2.35.

Have been trading below this level for more than a year and we were watching for some good price action.

Over the past few days, we have indeed seen the move above 2.40 and a high of 2.48 today.

Some profit taking seen for now but still looking positive above 2.40 now….

SYSTEM wise?

Yes, we saw something nice recently too, before the move started…. ;)

Waiting for more solid confirmation actions above the key 2.50 which can see the upside continue…..

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For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Alliance Mineral: Approaching a critical level, price 0.405. System Revealed! When we saw it?

Just about 3 weeks ago, we spotted some nice actions in Alliance Mineral with it breaking past the 0.27 resistance level....

Was consolidating below there for about a month and finally it awakened!

Inner circle was alerted with a chart drawn and some targets then, see what i mean... 

Price was at about 0.28.

For illustration purpose only

Over the past 2 weeks we have indeed seen more strength in Alliance Mineral with our targets breached and....

Also with it hitting a new high at 0.41 today which is our higher revised target.

Note that previous high in April this year was about 0.42 so we can still see selling near here which is normal actually...

Only a specific price action above 0.42 can see the upside continue... Will be looking for that...


We did see a BULLISH SIGNAL for Alliance Mineral last month, on 27th Sept 2017.

And after that, we have seen it gradually traded upwards to where it is today.... at 0.405 now. 

Looking at about a 35% GAIN in 3 weeks and the thing is....

There are still NO EXITS yet..... see what I mean below.

We will be watching to see what the SYSTEM says in the next 1 to 2 weeks....

Want to know more about the SYSTEM?

I have opened up the last 2 workshops for the year, that’s it...

For illustration purpose only

Monday, October 16, 2017

Chip Eng Seng: 2nd target almost hit but is the upside really over this time? Price 0.89.

More than a week ago on Friday, I did blog post on Chip Eng Seng when it was at about 0.83....  >>> http://singaporetradinginsights.blogspot.sg/2017/10/chip-eng-seng-going-strong-still-price.html

I mentioned that there can be more upside with target at 0.900 still on tracked eventhough most are saying that it’s not possible as it has risen a lot already...

Well indeed, over the past week, we have continued to see strength and it is almost nearing our 0.900 target today....

If you have been following me closely, this stock was also in the Top 3 Stocks report that virtually went viral on Facebook 3 weeks back.

We actually had more than a 1000 people commenting and asking for the report which thankfully me and my team delivered as promised...

Click here to see video and comment if you still haven’t.

Well, looking back and when I first spotted this counter a month back on 18 September 2017, I was quite a amazed to set that it matches the current chart quite nicely

See the chart that was drawn then with targets and when nothing has even played out yet then.

It was at about 0.76…. see below

For illustration purpose only.

Take a look at where we are Now again right below….  

Is it really just luck or is there really a way we can decipher all these chart movements consistently?

Well, looking for some specific price action where we may see a new phase up again to 0.97. 

Upside may not be over imo…. Let’s see…

Some selling pressure seen for now, which is normal by the way….

For illustration purpose only.

Hong Fok: Some actions spotted, uptrend may continue.. Price 0.88

Just last Friday, we spotted some really good actions in Hong Fok with it testing the key 0.85 level where inner circle was alerted.

Has been trading below this key level since March this year and finally some actions.

Anyway, was then at about 0.855 and a chart was pulled out with some targets drawn.

See below what I mean….

For illustration purpose only

Today, we are still seeing more strength and looks set to test our 1st target at 0.900 soon as drawn…

As long as 0.85 is a support now, uptrend remains intact with more room for the reversal to continue….

Indicators also looking good….

But more importantly, we are still NOT seeing any Exits on my SYSTEM….

Yes we did see some bullish signals about 3 weeks back…. before the move began.. just saying… ;)

Friday, October 13, 2017

China Sunsine: Nearing 2nd target... Is the upside over? Price 0.925.

Just last week, we saw a Bullish Entry signal where inner circle members were alerted and before we knew it, some positive actions started.  

Was then at about 0.855 and was expecting a move above 0.90 and eventually to 0.95 as drawn...

Anyway it started to show some actions this week with the 0.90 giving way too as predicted….

Nearing the 0.95 key level now….

Fyi, this stock was also in the TOP 5 STOCKS WITH BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL report release on Tuesday Morning….

Can the upside continue?

Waiting for more meat above 0.95 actually if further price action are seen and also with the system’s help .….

We’ll see…. ;)   

Get the report to see the BULLISH SIGNAL  and of course 4 more other stocks you need to Watch list.

Actually, almost all have rallied after the report was released on Tuesday morning, but there can still have more upside imo…

For illustration purpose only

Frencken: It happened, price 0.575, more upside from here? System?

Just last week, we spotted some positive actions in Frencken as it went through the 0.52 level and inner circle members were alerted…

I was actually expecting it to hit 0.55 soon and maybe even a move above this key level so a chart with some targets were drawn….

It was then about 0.535…  see what I mean…

For illustration purpose only

Over the past few days we have indeed seen it testing the 0.55 and finally we saw something nice today again with it trading to a high at 0.58…

The thing is we did see a Bullish Entry Signal from my SYSTEM recently…  

Yes, before the move up began….  PTI grads can check  ;)

So now what?  Can it breach our 2nd target at 0.60 too as drawn last week?

Why not? 

Seeing some slight profit taking for now which is normal…. But upside may still be possible… Will see what the SYSTEM says again…..

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Memtech Intl: Action started as per Report.... Price 1.09! Have you downloaded?

In case you have not seen  it, I have actually issued a report yesterday titled: “TOP 5 STOCKS WITH BULLISH ENTRY SIGNALS”

Report was written on Monday 9 Oct 2017.

And one of the stocks in there is actually Memtech  Intl.

Seems like we are already seeing some actions today with the 1.05 lifting off nicely…

Want to see the BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL behind and also 4 MORE OTHER STOCK like these?

Actions starting for the rest too... :))

For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hi-P: Boom, It just blew past our targets, price 1.655. System?

Just last week one of my inner circle members spotted Hi-P after seeing some actions and shared with the group..

I looked at the chart and indeed not too bad…

So I pulled out the chart and drew some targets and alerted the group also.

See what was drawn then.  Price was at about 1.435. See below.

For illustration purpose only

Anyway my first target was at 1.50 then 1.60 as drawn above.

Over the past few days, we have indeed seen the 1.50 level giving way. And today 1.60 broke though also..

System wise, we did see something nice recently, just before it moved… J

I have actually written a report titled “TOP 5 STOCKS with Bullish Entry Signals” yesterday, 9 Oct 2017 and if you have downloaded it,  you’ll discover that Hi-P is actually one of the stocks that was covered in it.

Click here if you want to get the 8-page Report too and see the Bullish signal for Hi-P and also other stocks with more upside potential.....

Other stocks in the report showing some actions already.....

Looks like no stopping this stock for now... target raised to 1.70... J

We would want to protect profits at this juncture...

More importantly, want to find out the reason behind the move?

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Mermaid Maritime: Actions started as spotted, next target on track... Price 0.146

Just 2 weeks back, inner circle was alerted to some positive price actions in Mermaid when we spotted something interesting above 0.135….

It was then at above 0.138 and a chart was quickly pulled out and some targets were drawn

We actually saw something which could actually suggest a reversal taking shape in the short term..

See what I mean below..

For illustration purpose only

After a little consolidation last week…seems like we are indeed heading towards our first target at 0.150 today

Hopefully more upside can happen if this level gets out of the way too with something that we are looking for

Still not seeing any exits on the system…. at least for now…

yes we did had a bullish signal recently… Thanks to inner circle members for the heads up… J


Friday, October 6, 2017

Chip Eng Seng: Going strong still... Price 0.83...

Just about 2 weeks back, inner circle members managed to spot some good price actions in Chip Eng Seng.

Have finally hit our first target at 0.800 over the past few days.

In case you have not read the TOP 3 STOCK 8-page report yet, this stock was actually one of the stocks that I covered last Monday too where there was a FB post that went viral.

Anyway, seems like buyers are still not giving up with it trying to find a new high.

Upside target to 0.90 may still be on tracked. J

Targets drawn on chart previously still playing out well… at least for now… 

we’re half way there

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For illustration purpose only