Monday, June 30, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

FOLLOW UP ********************* Bullish Setup: JES Intl - Speculative play with strict stop loss..... price 0.096 (Repost - NOW 0.102)

Can JES stay above 0.100 support now ?  Let’s see…….. Breakout above 0.100 seen today on TOP 2 Volume currently.

Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 9:43 AM
Subject: ********************* Bullish Setup: JES Intl - Speculative play with strict stop loss..... price 0.090
Jes has broken the 20 DAY Short term MA line since 2 weeks ago and has so far manage to trade above it firmly. There are 2 downward channel resistance line which it is currently near at and seems like a breakout above this KEY levels.  Range for the past week was about 0.080 to 0.090, possible to accumulate on dips near 0.080 support as long as it holds with stop loss at 0.077. However, note that it may not dip back to support level too as momentum and Volume seems to be strong with it rising towards the 0.095 Critical resistance level. Any break above 0.095 can pave the way to 0.100 then 0.12 fast. Raise stop loss to 0.092 if that happens. Stochastic and RSI are showing a bullish reversal at the moment but more confirmation needed on the break on critical horizontal resistance levels first.

********************** Bullish Setup: Medtecs - High Volume potential breakout above 0.078 to 0.080 seen

Can Medtecs BREAK ABOVE the 0.080 resistance soon ? Let’s see  !  Now at 0.078 !

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Follow up ******************* Artivision: Bullish Setup - Likely to test the 0.090 next....... price 0.085 (Repost - Now 0.091)

Emailed to Clients earlier in the morning at 9.21am and BUY UPS Seen almost immediately………  Can it stay above 0.090 now as mentioned ?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

REPOST ************************* Bullish Setup: United EnviroTech - More upside above 1.50 resistance likely...... price 1.48 (Repost - Now 1.50)

Clients were ALERTED earlier in the Morning at 9.15am when price was 1.48 by SMS first then Email ……
Seems like it is going to break above the 1.50 resistance soon as mentioned to clients…. Let’s see…..

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Monday, June 23, 2014

******************** Artivision: Bullish Setup - Potential Breakout above 0.070 now..... WATCH IT CLOSELY..... Price 0.069 (REPOST - NOW 0.074)

Clients were alerted LAST FRIDAY MORNING AT 9.47am to a Potential Breakout above 0.070 when it was trading at 0.069.
Indeed a Clear breakout above 0.070 seen today with a high of 0.076. Can it hit our target of 0.090 and 0.100 as mentioned previously?  Let’s see  J

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Friday, June 20, 2014

FOLLOW UP****************** Bullish Setup: Mirach...... Rebounding back on Strong volume..... Have cleared the 0.25 resistance level again.... price 0.255.... (Repost - NOW 0.27)

Can Mirach stay above 0.25 support level now ?

Clients were alerted at 0.21 Last Thursday for a potential BREAKOUT above 0.25, and subsequently at 0.255 Yesterday “LIVE” when it did Happened……. Mirach hit a high of 0.275 today, Let’s see….

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

REPOST ******************* Bullish Setup: SIIC - Symmetrical Triangle pattern spotted....... 0.165 critical...... price 0.162 (REPOST - Now 0.168)

Clients were Notified Earlier in the Morning at 0.162 of a Potential Breakout above 0.165…….. Buy UPS seen after that rapidly and indeed broke the 0.165……. See if it manages to clear the 0.170 psychological resistance next. Congrats to those who accumulated earlier….

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Follow Up ******************** Potential Breakout: Singpost - 1.70 resistance next...... matter of time..... as long as 1.65 support holds..... (REPOST - Now 1.735)

EMAILED YESTERDAY TO CLIENTS before it even broke out today …….. Were you informed to be PREPARED ?

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REPOST *************************** Potential Breakout: EuroSports Global - BE prepared !!! price 0.29 (Repost - Now 0.305)

Clients were alerted to PREPARE for the BREAKOUT OF EuroSports Global yesterday afternoon at 0.29………

Breakout seen today, faster than expected actually.....  Can it hit 0.35 now ? Let’s watch !

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

REPOST********************* Bullish Setup: United EnviroTech - Have broke above 1.38 immedate resistance on Top volume. Price 1.385 (Repost - Now 1.405)

Clients were alerted by Email and SMS “LIVE” when breakout occurred earlier…..  Strong BUY UPS seen after Call was issued…..   Are we the cause of it ?  No IDEA…..  ;)

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