Tuesday, April 30, 2013

**** STI Direction ? Let's have a look at where it can head to...... (STI NOW AT 3380)

Follow up from previous post, STI has broken out of its consolidation phase (from 3240 to 3320) which it has stayed for about 3 months last Friday. It has not only stayed above this new support level at 3320 but has surged higher. Support for STI would now be at 3320 then psychologically at 3300 level. It can potentially head to test the 3400 level within a few weeks and might consolidate awhile before finding a new direction. As long as 3300 holds, the market still looks bullish in the short term. A break out above 3400 can see it go higher and blue chips(Banks, telco) bringing the index higher.

**** Short Sell (CFD) IndoAgri. Share price 1.09 (CFD Short Trade)

IndoAgri has broken critical support at 1.10 which it has held above for about 2 weeks. Finally broke down support today. Can head lower to test 1.00 to 1.05 next support. Currently as a 3 years low. As long as 1.10 remains as the new resistance level, we are bearish with a short term target to 1.05. If the psychological 1.00 does not hold, it can head lower quickly to find new consolidation phase.
Buy stop at 1.115

Monday, April 29, 2013

** Short term uptrend in placed: Ying Li. Share price 0.525.

Ying Li has again found a new recent high after clearing above the 0.52 resistance level. Was consolidating from 0.500 to 0.52 for more than a week before breaking out today. Possible to head to 0.55 level if 0.52 holds now. Top 10 volume seen currently. Immediate support at 0.52 currently. Follow up from recent call.
Stop loss at 0.495

**** Trading Buy: Rowsley. Share price 0.41.

Rowsley has broken the 0.400 psychological resistance level today after closing above it last Friday. More upside to 0.445 level immediate resistance possible. As long as 0.400 remains as new support level, we are bullish. A break above 0.45 level can see it go to 0.500 to 0.53 level potentially. Volume at TOP 2 currently on breakout which can signify interest. Note that it has broken above the 20 DAY MA  (Green Line) last  Friday which can also signify short term uptrend in placed.
Stop loss at 0.39 nevertheless. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

**** Short Sell (CFD): STX OSV. Share price 1.095. (CFD Short trade)

STX OSV has broken the 1.10 psychological support. Next downside support at 1.04 to 1.00 level. As long as 1.10 remains as the new resistance level, we are bearish with a target to 1.00. A break below 1.00 can see it go lower to 0.94.
Put a Buy stop at 1.115. 

Monitor closely: Noble Group. Share price 1.16. (Impending breakout)

Noble Group has traded below the 1.155 resistance level and consolidated below for about 2 weeks. Currently at 1.16. A potential breakout if it manages to stay above this 1.155 new support level. Target to 1.20 in near term. Possible to head back to recent high of 1.24 if 1.20 psychological level clears out.
Stop loss at 1.14.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trading Buy: Sheng Siong. Share price 0.705.

Sheng Siong has cleared the 0.69 resistance which it has tested since Jan 2013. Finally broke above 0.69 on above average volume today. Currently at 0.705. Support should remain at 0.700 then 0.69 which will be a new resistance turned support. High currently is at 0.71. As long as 0.700 is supported well, we are bullish with a short term target of 0.75. Note that it is currently at an all time high and can head further to find a new consolidation phase and resistance.
Stop loss at 0.685

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

*** Convincing breakout seen yesterday: GuocoLeisure. Share price 0.955. (More upside entails, UOBKH says Steep discount to book value)

GuocoLeisure has staged a convincing breakout above the 0.900 to 0.92 resistance level yesterday. It is now at a 5 years high  - was below this level since Jan 2008. More upside possible on this clear breakout. Short term target at 1.00 currently and after that it can surge much higher to find new resistance. More of a longer term value play as seen in UOBKH research report dated 1st April 2013 below. Immediate support is at 0.95 for short term play. Will most likely consolidate from 0.95 to 1.00 range before attempting to find a new direction. Note that high in 2007 was around the 1.80 level. Stop loss below 0.89 level for short term trades.
UOBKH (1st April 2013) : GuocoLeisure (GLL SP, B16) –
Increased visibility of undervalued hotel portfolio
Last price: S$0.88
Target Price: S$1.19
We initiated coverage on GLL with a BUY recommendation on
the back of an optimistic outlook for UK’s tourism, which should
support demand for the company’s 37 hotels there. Despite
being one of the UK’s largest hotel operators, GLL continues to
trade at a steep discount to book value. We believe an
independent valuation report that will be released by end-April
should increase its visibility and highlight its undervalued
assets. Another potential catalyst could come in the form of its
strategy repositioning exercise where we expect management
to move its focus to Asia. We have a SOTP-based target price of
S$1.19. GLL is trading at a forward PE of 13.7x.
The stock has gapped up and it is preferred that prices close
above S$0.885 for further upside towards S$1.05. Support
could be found at S$0.79.

***** Stock to Act On: Skyone. Short term Uptrend in placed. Share Price 0.400. (Slow and Steady wins the race)

Since breaking the 0.38 resistance last month, Skyone has continued its gentle uptrend slowly to test the 0.400 level. Hovering above the 20 DAY MA (Green line) each day and supported above it. Recent high in Feb 2013 was 0.47 so it is possible to head back up to test that level over time. Not really for contra play, might have to pick up and hold and await slow uptick and take profit in about a month or 2. Volume remains strong (TOP 20 normally) possibly due to accumulation on strength.
Stop loss 0.38 nevetheless.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Short term trading Buy: Ying Li. Share price 0.51.

Ying Li has managed to stay above the 0.500 support level since breaking above it a week ago. Momentum seems strong at the moment on high volume (TOP 10). Day high as of now is at 0.52. As long as 0.500 remains as the immediate support, Ying Li is poised to head up further. A break above the 0.52 level can see it test 0.55.
Stop loss at 0.49 nevertheless.

Friday, April 19, 2013

****** Trading Sell (Short): Genting SP. Shares price 1.395. (CFD Short trade)

Following up from previous SELL call made on 17th Apr 2013 (Scroll down) when Genting SP was 1.415. Genting has since broken the critical psychological support at 1.40. More downside seems likely if it does not hold above this level today. Support would now turn resistance at 1.40. Downside to 1.35 possible on weak market. As long as 1.40 remains as resistance level, we are bearish. A break below 1.35 can see it go to 1.30. Low set in December last year was around the 1.25 level.
Put a Buy stop at 1.41 nevertheless. Stop loss is compulsory for all short trades.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Short Term Trading (Sell) Short: Ezra. Share price 0.99. (CFD Short trade)

Ezra has broken below the critical and psychological 1.00 support. Rebounded from this 1.00 support level in Nov last year and went to a high of above 1.30. Failed to hold this time. Top 30 Volume seen on sell down of support. Next support will be at 0.95 level. Possible target at this level. A break below the 0.95 support can see it go lower to 0.900 support. As long as 1.00 remains as resistance level, short term downside likely.
Put a Buy stop at 1.01. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Short term downside: Indo Agri. Share price 1.135. (CFD Short trade)

Indo Agri has tested the 1 and a half year low of 1.14 set in Oct 2011 and have broken below it. This was the support that it has rebounded in June last year also. Might see it drifting lower on the break down. Next psychological support at 1.10. If 1.10 fails to hold, possible to head lower to test 1.00 quickly. We are bearish as long as 1.15 remains as resistance.
Buy stop at 1.16 level. 

Trading Sell (SHORT): Genting SP. Share price 1.415. (CFD Short trade)

Genting SP has shown a slight head and shoulder pattern formation with a break down in the neckline support at 1.43. Cautious. Next immediate support stands at 1.40 level. 200 DAY MA stands at 1.385 so it must be supported above this level or it can continue to head down to test 1.35 support. As long as 1.43 remains as resistance, we are bearish with downside to 1.40 then 1.35. Recent low in Nov last year was around the 1.20 regions so be cautious. If psychological support at 1.40 does not hold, can consider increasing short positions.
Buy stop at 1.44

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

**** Trading Short (Sell): Golden Agri. Share Price 0.54. - For CFD trades

Golden Agri has broken the critical support at 0.55 on sell down in commodities counters today. Has been holding above 0.55 level since Sept 2010 and tested support twice including yesterday. Further sell down in commodities can see it go down to psychological 0.500 support level. Has been consolidating from 0.55 to 0.600 range since it broke the 0.600 support level in March 2013. Top 5 volume on sell down of support could signal strength in short term downside. Note that this is for CFD sell trade and not for naked short on cash market.
Buy stop at 0.555.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Short Term Trading Buy: Innopac. Share price 0.225.

Has been in a clear consolidation phase below the 0.22 resistance level since 4 Feb 2013 ( about 2 and a half months) till last Friday. Has tested this critical 0.22 level and cleared it in the morning today. 0.225 now eating up slowly. If it manages to clear out the 0.225 level, support should remain at the 0.22 level. TOP 2 Volume seen currently on break out. You can see an upside gap of about 3 cents to 0.255 target. A break above 0.26 can see it go to 0.300 in search of new high.
Stop loss at 0.21 nevertheless.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Term Trading Buy: AddvalTech. Share price 0.081.

AddvalTech broke out from Key 0.078 resistance level which it has tested 4 times before yesterday. Yesterday closed at 0.079 further confirmed the breakout. Currently at 0.081. Top 5 Volume seen currently. Short term target to 0.086, a break above this level can see it go to 0.900 next. Recent high was 0.097 in Feb 2013. Mainly short term momentum trading call on break out. Immediate support stands at 0.08 psychologically and also the next support at 0.078. You can see that AddvalTech has been support pretty strongly above the channel support line (upward sloping line), consolidated for about a month before breaking out yesterday.
Stop loss at 0.076.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ascending Triangle Breakout - MacqIntInfra. Share price 0.605.

An Ascending triangle formation break out at the 0.600 level. Has been below this 0.600 resistance for more than 2 months since 1 Feb 2013 and tested twice including yesterday. Breakout seen today when about 4m shares bought directly at 0.600 in the morning. Support would now remains as 0.600. Upside to 0.64 and 0.66 region possible if 0.600 holds strong.
Stop loss at 0.59.

Short Term Trading Buy: Interra Res. Share price 0.505.

Has broken up above the 0.500 critical resistance level. Now at 0.505. Top 5 Volume seen currently. Could signify buying interest again on this break out. Resistance will now turned support at 0.500. As long as 0.500 remains as new support level, short term target to 0.55 is possible.  A break above 0.55 can see it go to up further to test recent high of 0.595 set on 1st Feb 2013.
Stop loss at 0.485.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

***** Accumulate on Dips: Thai Beverage (THBEV). Share price 0.62.

Thai Bev has been supported very strongly above the 0.600 critical support level. Since the 8th of March 2013 after it has broken out above the 0.600 level, this 0.600 has turned from resistance to support. As long as 0.600 is not broken down, we are bullish. Trading range has gone wider currently from 0.600 to 0.65 region. Possible to accumulate on dip from 0.600 to 0.615 region and profit from any rebound nearer to the 0.65 region. Note that a break out above the 0.65 region can see it go to 0.68 and 0.70 target quickly.
Stop loss strictly at 0.59 as if the 0.600 does not hold, it can retrace to around the 0.545 region.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

****** Maple Tree Industrial Trust: Broke above the 1.45 level and staying above strongly. Share Price 1.47. (Long term investment for Strong Yield and Capital Appreciation.)

MapletreeInd has broke above the 1.45 recent high 2 days back and manage to stay above it strongly. Currently at 1.47. Possible to see it climbing higher to test the psychological 1.50 level soon. Resistance has turned support also at 1.45 now. We remain bullish as long as 1.45 hold as the near term support.  A break above 1.50 can see it go to 1.56 to 1.60 level. For investors, a good stock to hold also in the longer term for yield of about 6.5%. And also opportunity to reap capital gains after collecting yield.

Trading Buy: Starhill Global. Share price 0.915. (Possible to hold for Mid to long term for yield of more than 5%)

Starhill Global has tested the recent high of 0.915 set in Feb 2013. Today’s high as 0.925. A break above the 0.915 level can see it find a new high from the 0.95 to the critical 1.00 psychological resistance level. Also a good long term stock to have for yield above 5%. As long as 0.900 remains as the support, uptrend is still intact in the short term.
A more lenient stop loss for this counter below 0.88.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Short Term Trading (Short) Sell: Cosco Corp. Share price 0.885. CFD short trade.

Cosco Corp has been supported above the 0.89 level since Mid March 2013 till last Friday. Currently at 0.885 level, low today was 0.88. A possible Short trading opportunity to take profit at 0.855 to 0.865 region. Note that trade opportunity is to be carried out under CFD and not a naked short on the cash market. Next support level at 0.855 level. Traders would who like to buy on dips can consider accumulating from 0.855 to 0.87 region and sell on any rebound in the cash market. Trading range is now 0.855 to 0.89, 0.89 has turned from support to resistance level.
Put a Buy stop at 0.905 if short trade is done.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Short term Trading Buy: Contel Corp. Share price 0.094. (For a quick trade with a tight stop loss only)

Contel has been trading below this 0.092 level for about a month already. A convincing breakout is seen currently 0.094. Must stay above 0.092 for more upside to test psychological 0.100 resistance level. A break above 0.100 can see it go to between 0.11 and 0.12 level. Recent high in Feb was 0.119. Currently at TOP 3 volume on breakout which can signify more momentum and interest in the short term.
Stop loss at 0.089