Friday, July 12, 2019

BreadTalk: Sellers still not letting go... Cautious more weakness. Profit from CFD shorts Earlier? Price 0.715

Just at the beginning of last month, we saw Breaktalk approaching the key 0.800 support dangerously..

It has been holding above 0.800 for more than a year but this time there was some signs of weakness as it approached this level..

Indicators were pointing towards the downtrend playing out and hence..

Some downside targets were drawn when we saw that eventual breakdown, see what I mean..

First target towards 0.74 then to 0.66…

Over the past few weeks, we have seen more selling pressure with 0.800 as the NEW lowered resistance..

Was not able to climb back up and sellers came to take it lower..

First target at 0.74 has been hit..

But again, this first support and target may breakdown and head towards our 2nd target as drawn earlier..

So targets to the downside was reiterated again… towards 0.66..

Over the past few days, we have continue to trade lower and downtrend would still be intact below 0.75 now..

Looks set to test the psychological 0.700 soon and if that fails to hold,

0.64 target can be on tracked as mentioned all along..


Would be good for some short covering and taking profits for any short positions as it approaches the 0.65 – 0.66 levels…

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

CapitaMall Trust: Uptrend still in progress for now? Price 2.71. Some support seen.

Up to last month, CapitaMall Trust has been trading below this key 2.48 resistance level and this dates back all the way to 2013…

Since the beginning of the year, we have been seeing higher highs with the uptrend starting to take shape but…

this level was still critical for more upside to continue… the 2.48 resistance!

However, just last month, we saw some bullish actions again with it attempting to finally break through..

Buyers were trying to get past it and finally sellers just gave way with a bullish candle seen…

Targets were immediately drawn to capture any upside from here… see what I mean… first target to 2.60 first…

Indeed, it started trading upwards fast and 1st target was hit in a matter of days in early June..

There was some consolidation below 2.60 which was normal give the rally we have seen…

However, more upside was not ruled out and target was revised with the eventually break of the 2.60 resistance as seen below..

Target raised to 2.80!

Over the past few days, seems like we have breached the 2.70 to find a new recent high..

Uptrend still looks intact if we can hold above 2.70 for now..

But we may see some profit taking along the way with 2.80 target still on track.. watching..

Would definitely want to take steps to protect profits while riding more upside if it plays out… :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

CapitaCom Trust: Uptrend still continuing firmly for now? Price 2.24.

Just about 3 weeks back, we spotted CapitaCom Trust approaching the key 2.05 resistance bullishly

This level was key as we had rejected this resistance last year before it sold off all the way down to 1.70…

And finally we are back here again..

More importantly, there were some signs of the uptrend in progress again as we approach this level…

Was expecting some bullish moves up and hence some targets were drawn... as seen below…

Few days later, indeed, buyers were ready to take out all sellers and that level and lifted it off…

It finally broke the 2.05 key resistance after more than a year and this as definitely something to take note of,

Target was reiterated again towards 2.20 first as seen below…

Trend indicators were still looking favourable and pointing to more upside..

Just last week, we begin pushing higher and there were some profit taking near our first target at 2.20…

This was normal given the rise we have seen over the past few weeks where we can expect some consolidation along the way up…

However, we were expecting more strength with the eventual break of 2.20..

Seems like that has happened again today..

See below of new target revised last week.. Uptrend intact to ride while take steps to protect profits… 😉

Friday, June 28, 2019

Daily Leverage Certificate: Basic Knowledge You Need To Know Before Trading It (Guest Post by InvestingNote)

The Daily Leverage Certificate is a product launched by SGX that was offered by Societe Generale since 2017. This product is available for trading on the SGX securities market.

DLCs are slightly complex, moderate risk financial products which give investors a leveraged return
based on the daily performance of an underlying reference index.

DLCs have a finite lifespan and will be delisted on its expiry date. The final exercised
value of the DLCs will be calculated and paid to investors automatically on the expiry
date (which is after 3 years).

Note that: (if the Expiry Date is not a Business Day, then the Expiry Date shall fall on
the preceding Business Day and subject to adjustment of the Valuation Date upon the
occurrence of Market Disruption Events as set out in the Conditions of the Certificates)

What is a DLC?

The Daily Leverage Certificate offers investors fixed daily exposure in the following 3
leading Asian Indices as well as single stocks .

It also allows investors to leverage and
capture amplified movements of the reference index.

Investors can either buy "Long DLC" or buy "Short DLC", as the two types of DLCs allow you to bet on both the rises
and falls of the underlying asset respectively.

The underlying indices that the Daily Leverage Certificate will track are the 3 key indices
in the Singapore and Hong Kong exchanges:

MSCI Singapore Index (SIMSCI)
Hang Seng Index (HSI)
Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI)

And below are the some of the single stocks that Daily Leverage Certificates track:

…and more

Hong Kong:
Tencent (700 HK)
PingAn (2318 HK)
Geely Automobile (175 HK)
Hong Kong Exchange (388 HK)
…and more

What DLC does that really attract investors is that it increases investors' returns as it
increases investors' exposure level to the indices.

How Does it work?

The basic principle is pretty straightforward – let's say if the underlying index moves 1%
from its closing price of the previous trading day, the value of a 3x DLC will move by 3%,
and that of a 7x DLC will move by 7%.

DLCs offer a fixed leveraged return of 3, 5 or 7 times of the daily performance of the
underlying asset. 3x simply means it is 3 times leverage and 5x means it is 5 times
leverage (so does 7x) . Leverage amplifies the returns and losses of investors, be it rising
or falling market.

Currently 3x, 5x and 7x are available for indices and only 5x is available for single stocks.

Below is an illustrative returns for an investment of 1 unit of the 3x Long DLC, that was
bought at $2.00 when the 3x Leveraged STI Index was trading at 9,000 and sold on the
same Trading Day.

What are the fees like?

Management Fee per annum 0.40%
Gap Premium per annum
(a hedging cost against extreme market
movements overnight.)

3x : 1.8%
5x : 3%
7x : 4.2%

Who will find it useful?

Of course, DLCs are not meant for everyone. They are meant for sophisticated retail
investors who wants to do short term trades.

It is also suitable for investors who would like to have leveraged returns form the daily movement of the underlying assets.

At the same time, all investors need to be Specified Investment Products (SIP) qualified
to invest in DLCs.

Those who are not familiar with DLCs or do not have high risk
tolerance should not consider trading DLCs. One should only consider trading DLCs if
you have a high risk tolerance.

Special feature: The Airbag Mechanism

With the Airbag Mechanism, now you don't have to worry that there will be a risk that
losses may exceed deposits as each DLC will have a pre-set trigger for its air bag.

Now what exactly does "Airbag mechanism" mean?

For example, if you were to buy a stock on a 5:1 margin, a leverage of 5x is used and the
underlying asset losses 10% of its value, what it does is that the air bag trigger will come
into effect to automatically trigger an intraday reset of the underlying index.

The airbag mechanism will only be triggered if the underlying asset moves in the opposite direction
of the product. For example, if the STI rises by 20%, the airbag mechanism for the 5x
Short STI DLC will be triggered.

But do take note that the air bag will not prevent you from losing your entire investment
where the leveraged movement of the underlying reference index exceeds the value of
the DLC.

For example, a 5x DLC, with an airbag that is set to trigger if the underlying reference
index falls by 10% will become futile its underlying reference index suffers a sharp fall of
20% or more in the course of a trading day, or at opening of a trading day due to
overnight movements.

In a nutshell...

Other than stock market indices as we mentioned earlier, there are also more than 50
DLCs for 20 regional blue chip stocks ranging from DBS to Tencent, as the underlying
asset! Check out the full list of DLCs here .

For investors who want to maximise their short term exposure to market movements,
DLCs can provide the opportunity to increase the exposure by a fixed factor, up to 5

For indexes, you can select a leverage from 3x, 5x or 7x!

Also, it doesn't matter if the market is bearish as well – you can buy a short DLC to
capitalise on a bearish situation.

For the 5x DLC with Venture as the underlying asset, it actually yielded a return of more
than 70% in a week, just back in February!

To have a better understanding, check out the full educational series here .

Last but not least, if you've never traded a DLC and would like to know how, see if you
qualify by taking the Specified Investment Product (SIP) test here .

Guest Post by InvestingNote. "InvestingNote is the first and largest social network for investors in Singapore. Find out more about us here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

YZJ Shipbldg: Reversal in progress? Price 1.51.

Just about 2 weeks back, after the sell down in global markets and after seeing some stability..

Some stocks began coming into our radar for a potential reversal and,

YZJ Shipbldg was one of them…

It was holding really well above the 1.35 support level which coincides with previous levels and some signs of rebound were spotted

Especially, if we see a move above 1.40 which coincides with the 20 day MA, a potential reversal maybe on the cards…

Hence, some target were drawn as seen below..

Over the past 2 weeks , we have managed to break above the 1.40 level and traded higher…

Manage to see a higher support at 1.45 over the past week which is a good sign too..

Looks like it may attempt some bullish moves above 1.50 soon where the upside can continue…

Target has been reiterated again as per below..

A positive above 1.50 for now… watching to see if it continues to head towards target..

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

ComfortDelgro: Upside reversal still continuing? Price 2.62. Awaiting more bullish actions.

After the heavy selling we have seen in May for Comfort Delgro where it had retraced from a high of 2.70..

Finally, just 3 weeks back,

We started to see some stability and a potential reversal was in sight,

It had approached the 2.40 support after the sell down and we were looking for some bullish reversal actions..

Finally it did happened and was a good confirmation signal for an upside reversal..

Some targets were drawn back up as a result, see what I mean..

We have indeed see the move up over the past 2 weeks and last week had broke above 2.50 resistance too.

Upside target was reiterated to 2.70 again, see below.

It has crossed back above the 20 day MA which can be a positive short term for this counter plus…

the bullish reversal actions spotted earlier on as mentioned, was a good reversal play..

After some consolidation with 2.60 target hit over the past few days, we have see a breached again…

2.70 looks to be on the way where we may see some profit taking near there..

Would be looking for more bullish actions to see if this reversal has more legs to go..

Quite a good reversal caught, see where we are below now..

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Singtel: Upside Reversal still playing out as per targets? Price 3.32

Just about 2 weeks back, we spotted some upwards reversal actions in this counter Singtel..

It has been consolidating below the 3.20 resistance since Oct last year however..

Over the past few months, we managed to see some bullish reversal patterns taking shape,

Something like an Inverse Head and Shoulder pattern

And there were also some signs of an end to the downtrend with a potential reversal upwards from the trend indicators..

Hence, some upside targets were drawn with a potential move up in the short term when it approached the 3.20 cautiously 2 weeks back..

See what I mean.

Last week, finally the move came..

It broke the 3.20 resistance and buyers were ready to push it higher despite market weakness..

Targets were reiterated again towards 3.55..

Moving averages were looking at some bullish crossovers which can be the start of an uptrend playing out..

Today, we have even cleared above the temp 3.30 resistance..

And a pretty decent close at the day’s high.. Upside can still continue if we can hold above this level..

Will be watching to see if targets can be hit..

May start to see some profit taking along the way give the reversal we have seen from 3.00…

Trend indicators still looking positive for now… let’s see…

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Frasers Cpt Tr: One of the few Stronger Reits despite market weakness. Pushing higher as per target? Price 2.53

Just about 3 weeks back when markets worldwide started selling off due to trade war tensions between US and China escalating…

We spotted a stock which was not ONLY holding firmly but also attempting to push higher

It was one of the few defensive Reits whose uptrend still looks firm…

Trend indicators were still looking positive and an end to the sideways consolidation seems imminent..

Finally, a beached above the 2.40 resistance was seen and looked bullish imo and hence some targets were drawn…

First target as above was at 2.55 and seems like target has been hit today already finally…

However, just last week, we have revised our target higher when buyers attempting to break the temp 2.45 resistance bullishly…

Target to 2.60…

We are still on tracked towards that target which can be revised further…

May expect some profit taking along the way give the rally we have seen..

However, uptrend still look pretty good above 2.50, at least for now…

Thursday, May 30, 2019

DBS: More weakness ahead with support breaking down? Price 24.60

Over the past few weeks, we have seen tensions between US and China escalating and hence market weakened further..

Some of the banking stocks like DBS were also showing some signs of weakness..

Firstly, they have broken below short term moving averages like the 20 day MA…

AND also key support levels which were holding previously did not manage to hold..

Some downside targets were drawn as a result where we could potentially break the 26.00 last week, see DBS chart below…

First target was to 25.00 and we have already hit that target over the past few days…

Buyers were trying to defend this level and it was holding well last week but…

It seems like they just cannot hold on any longer…

A breakdown of 25.00 seen yesterday and this level also coincides with the 200 day moving average…

Targets were reiterated lower on this bearish price action…

We are pushing lower today with a new low at 24.58..

Well, we can expect some slight support at 24.50, but if that gives way, likely to see next downside target playing out gradually..

Short term trend indicators are still pointing lower for now…  Let’s watch..

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Capitaland: Selling still continuing.. Targets on tracked? Price 3.28.

Just 2 weeks back, we saw some bearish price actions in Capitaland with it breaking down below the 3.45 support level..

Short term trend indicators were starting to show a reversal after a recent high at around 3.70..

It was also approaching the 100 day MA line and a potential breakdown of that looks highly possible too..

Hence, some downside targets were drawn…

First target was at about 3.30 where we may see some short covering…

Over the past week, we have already hit our 1st downside target…

The 2nd target to the south may still be playing out with a new low at 3.28 today..

Target were reiterated again last week as seen..

3.00 would be a really good support level where we can expect some good buying pressure to return…

Will see if we can head towards there amidst more market weakness…

Friday, May 17, 2019

Genting Sing: Selling pressure still continuing? Price 0.895

Over the past 2 months, we have started to see some weakness in Genting Sing with it breaking below the 1.05 support…

Short term trend indicators were also starting to turn lower after it hit a recent high at 1.15..

Seems like buyers were losing strength and not able to take prices higher..

Coupled with a weaker market in general, some downside targets were drawn…

With our first target hit at 0.95 last month..

We started to see some consolidation above it but there was still a potential break down of this support…

Finally, last week, some bearish price actions was spotted and downside targets were revised lower…

Towards 0.85 next… Downtrend still intact it seems,

We have broken the psychological 0.90 level over the past few days and seems like targets still on tracked…

Would likely see some buyers coming back near 0.85… hope this level holds.. if not, more weakness not ruled out..

Thursday, May 9, 2019

ST Engineering - Uptrend still looking strong despite temp sell down.. Targets revised? Price 3.95

Just at the beginning of the year, there were some signs of reversal in ST Engineering…

We could see price attempting to break the 3.60 resistance bullishly and buyers looked like they were ready after the 1 year consolidation..

Trend indicators were also starting to point towards an uptrend forming…

Hence, some upside targets were drawn as seen…

Over the past month, we have seen our targets hit and it had even broke above the multi-year high at 3.85..

Price started to push higher towards our revised target at 4.10 however…

Over the past few days, the market weakened due to US China trade war tensions escalating again and it sold off..

Buyers started to returned near the 3.85 new support and the uptrend still looks intact

Will continue to see if next targets can be hit… 4.00 need to get out of the way first

One of the few good uptrend continuation stocks to ride further as long as rules are met…

Monday, April 29, 2019

Ascendas Reit - Uptrend still continuing for now... Price 3.01

Just about a month ago, we saw Ascendas Reit approaching the key 2.85 resistance level bullishly..

Trend indicators were also pointing towards an uptrend reversal…

That level was key and this price action caught our attention..

We have been trading below this level since the beginning of last year where it actually sold off from the 2.85..

Therefore, some targets were drawn when we spotted it… to 3.00 first… see what I mean…

Over the past 2 weeks, we have seen some upside and then some consolidation below 2.95

The 3.00 seems really near but yet sellers were still defending it…

But eventually, buyers mustered enough strength to clear the 2.95 last week…

and today the 3.00 psychological resistance gave way too…

First target as above has been hit… but we have revised it higher too..

Trend indicators still looking good for now, uptrend still looks intact above 3.00..

Let’s see how far it can go from here….

Monday, April 22, 2019

Wilmar: Upside reversal may still be in progress. Price 3.67.

Just at the beginning of April, we saw Wilmar approaching the 3.40 resistance level bullishly…

There seems to be some bullish signs of it attempting to break above that key level that it has been trading below since July 2017..

Sellers just could not handle the influx of buyers and were lifted off…

Also, from the trend indicators, there were also some signs of upside reversal showing..

Hence, some upside target were drawn, with first target towards 3.60 as seen below…

Just about 2 weeks back, we have seen our target hit and some profit taking happened..

However, target was revised higher as buyers were still in control from the price action..

Coming out on dips after the profit taking..

Target revised to 3.85 thus as we were still monitoring the stock..

Fast forward to today, still seems to be holding well above the new support at 3.60 for now..

Some slight selling pressure faced near 3.70 which is normal..

After the recent rally, would likely take a breather and see some consolidation before it attempts to push towards target drawn previously..

As long as 3.60 holds, still looking alright in the short term.. let’s see when 3.70 will give way too for the reversal to continue..

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Ascendas-hTrust: Uptrend may still continue to play out... Targets revised as seen... Price 0.895.

Just at the beginning of the year, we spotted this counter showing signs of upwards reversal…

The REITS sector were showing signs of bottoming out and some were slowly gaining strength, including this counter Ascendas-hTrust.

Trend indicators were starting to point up and..

More importantly, we saw some bullish actions above the key 0.83 resistance level…

Some upside targets were drawn as a result… see what I mean…

As weeks passed, we have indeed seen more strength with it pulling away from the new support at 0.82..

Moving averages also continued to play out positively as expected and bullish crossovers were seen..

Target were thus reiterated towards 0.900 as seen…

Fast forward to today, we have finally touched our target at 0.900,

And yes, the uptrend still looks quite alright despite some profit taking seen for now which is normal…

There may be some slight consolidation before we see another attempt to push higher

where target can be revised…

Watching.. Let’s see…

One of the Reits you can put in your watchlist for dividend yield and also potential capital gains..