Friday, June 30, 2017

QAF: Sell down below 1.30 today fast. Warning sent, cautious long, price 1.26

Just yesterday, had alerted my inner circle of a potential breakdown below 1.30 when we had a bearish signal on the system.

Specifically a 1ET bearish signal from my Explosive trading strategy.

It was hovering dangerously above 1.30 and look on the brink of breaking it.

It did today. And sellers came in fast.

We can see more selling towards 1.20 before some technical rebound.

Looking at a bigger picture, we can actually see a Bearish Head and Shoulder pattern as highlighted….

But that is not why the bearish 1ET signal came out….

PTI grads will know   ;)

Just be careful below 1.30 now…

Target as drawn yesterday on the chart below may play out….

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For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sunningdale Tech: Sell down over past 3 weeks, exit came actually. Now what? Price 1.705

We have seen Sunningdale Tech hit a high of 2.20 before some serious profit taking occured as the the technology sector got hit by a sell down in a US tech stock.

As a result, it has been dipping lower over the past 3 weeks, breaking the support at 1.95 and 1.90 before more selling continue.

Yesterday, my inner circle were alerted to a further breakdown below 1.80 when it was at 1.79 where some targets were drawn (See below).

For illustration purpose only

More weakness indeed and it is currently at 1.705 where are seeing some support at the psychological 1.70.

Note that any breakdown below 1.70 on a specific price action can still more selling, so cautious long.

More importantly, I mentioned previously that there were some bullish signals in May 2017 last month which was the reason why we rode the upside in the first place....


The bullish exit signal did came out on 8 June.   

A few days before the heavy selling began. Thank god..

Have a glance at the BULLISH entry and exit signal below and see what I mean.

For illustration purpose only

I am glad PTI grads have gotten out after seeing the EXIT signal and avoided the carnage, with profits locked in still.

Cautious long for now, especially below 1.70.

It is always good to have a system I guess, it keep things simpler and less emotional.... ;)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CDL HTrust: Targets still on tracked... Price 1.685.... A note last week!

Just last week we saw some good actions for CDL HTrust around 1.66 and inner circle members were alerted…

There were indeed some bullish signals we got on the system which PTI grads can check…

So far, seems like it is still holding well above 1.65 which is a good thing

Likely to see it test and break the 1.70 for the uptrend to continue..

Not too sure if target 1.80 as drawn below can be hit… J See below what I mean….

For illustration purpose only

Friday, June 23, 2017

UOL: Target hit as predicted and some profit taking seen..... Price 7.98.

About a month ago in May we actually spotted this stock call UOL approaching its key support at 6.80 and a note was sent out…

Was looking at a pretty good rebound where one can possible accumulate since the trend was up too then….

See chart that was sent out on the 18th May where price was about 6.86…. where we predicted a rebound to probably about 7.30 short term target…

Indeed the rebound occurred over the next few days and it hit 7.30……

But then we saw some new price action about 2 weeks ago again….

And another note was sent out, of course with a new chart with a new HIGHER target again….

See chart below again… Target raised to 8.00…

Today, have seen our target at 8.00 hit and also a slight breached through today.

But seeing some profit taking for now near 8.00 which is normal  given the spike experience today where some might want to take some money off the table...

Arrows drawn has indeed played out nicely over the past 2 months and over the past 2 charts..

Upside may not be over but would also be good to lock in some profits and protect J

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

UMS: System triggered exit signal then a furious sell down last week, but now what? Upside over? Price 1.08

Following up from previous post where we were seeing UMS consolidating above 1.20 and our target hit >>>

Finally we saw this 1.20 support broke down last week furiously.

And down it traded all the way to about 1.05 before finding some stability…

There were some bullish signals that we saw that alerted us to this counter in March and April.…. and up it went all the way till last week.

Just to share that before the sell down last week, we actually saw an BULLISH EXIT signal…. See below.

For illustration purpose only

So now what?

Well, after the heavy sell down, we have seen it consolidate from 1.05 to 1.15 for more than a week and it seems like a new support has been found again.

See what I mean below…

Looking to see any specific price action which can lead the recovery again above 1.15….. 

Not yet for now.

Perhaps we will get a signal on the system again then… we will be checking to see what it says or if any alerts…

Let’s see…. 

Anyway, longer term uptrend still intact above 1.00 – 1.05 for now… J

For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

IFAST: Upside can continue above 1.10... price 1.10, System wise?

We are starting to see more strength in IFAST again given the firm move above 1.00 over the past few days.

Inner circle members were alerted previously too before more strength seen today.

It looks set to test the 1.10 key resistance where we can see more upside above.

Reversal from downtrend to uptrend seems to be intact above 1.00 now.

Let’s see if it can break 1.10 to head to 1.30 and above like the targets drawn in the chart.

What above the system? Well, we saw something nice recently fyi….

Let’s see…. PTI grads can check…. ;)

For illustration purpose only

Friday, June 16, 2017

New Silkroutes: Saw some signs of weakness then a sell down.... More downside? Price 0.53

Just a few days back ,we saw some signs of weakness in New Silkroutes at about 0.625 and a prediction was made with some downside targets drawn on the chart. (see below)

Target was to 0.60 then 0.54 and over the past few days, we have indeed seen more selling and our target hit....

PTI grads were alerted of the imminent breakdown previously.... because there were some signals on the system...

For illustration purpose only

Today, we have even seen a breakdown of our 2nd target at 0.54 with a low at 0.53 now

Liquidity has kind of thinned out for now but as long as 0.54- 0.55 is a resistance, downtrend seems intact and we may see more selling towards 0.50... cautious long.... J

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SIA Engineering: A new upward phase, did we see something on system? Price 4.09

Following up from previous blog post last month when SIA Engineering was at 3.99 >>>

We have seen SIA Engineering consolidated below the 4.00 resistance for about a month before some actions seen recently...

Finally, the break through above the key 4.00 level came a few days back where clients were alerted.

More importantly, PTI Inner Circle members were alerted even earlier to a bullish signal on the system...

Let’s just say we saw something nice and it is still looking nice until we see it is not. Make sense?

We can see more strength towards 4.20 then 4.40 quickly as mentioned if the 4.10 gets out of the way as well... Nice.

Let’s take a look at the arrows drawn on the charts in Jan and May 2017 as per below and see how they are playing out for now....

Seems like prices are still following as drawn... haha. ;)

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For illustration purpose only

For illustration purpose only

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Welcoming my Latest Batch of Inner Circle Members.... Precision Trading Intensive was a Blast...

Just a few weeks back, we welcomed our latest batch of Precision Trading Intensive Graduates and it was awesome….

We were filled to the brim again this time round and I had the honor of imparting my stock trading skills and knowledge in an intimate 2 and a half day event to 50 students….

I was really touched to see everyone giving me a standing ovation right at the end...  and also all the raving reviews.... 

See what I mean below...

It felt like all my hard work and time to put together this event has indeed paid off knowing that each and every of my students had truly benefited...

See what I mean in the highlights video above....

Throughout the event, I could see everyone willing to help one another in the hands-on session and to make sure no one is left behind.

Great to see all my graduates participating actively, asking questions and really following through this intensive event.

Just to summarize the content of my event, I first taught all my students on the key concepts of trading psychology before diving into the fundamentals of my 1st strategy, also know as the Trend Trading Strategy.

We then went through the "6-Step" Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint for this Trend strategy.

This blueprint put everything into perspective so everybody would know what to do step-by-step so there was no room for ambiguity. :)

Day 2 was even more exciting where I finally revealed my Explosive 1ET Trading Strategy.

This was the strategy that allowed us to reap double digit percentage gains in months, sometimes weeks...

This 1ET strategy is definitely one of the key reasons why so many people registered to join Precision Trading Intensive program so the pressure was high....

I knew I had to over deliver...

I am glad I did well, and had completely show hand every single component of this Explosive strategy before wrapping things up with the blueprint so everybody was much clearer.

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And finally on day 3, it was the scanner. 

The PTI scanner that allows us to filter out stocks in less than 5 mins flat...

Everybody scanned together in search of what stocks to focus on the follow week and managed to pick a few gems....

I believe that everyone should know the core concept behind the system before even touching it.

That is when you can harness the true power and accuracy of each strategy.

I mean, if you can tell me where to put the dot on the system, I would be really happy, cause it means you really understand the core concept behind the strategy.

I am very fortunate to have an awesome team of super friendly assistants who were always on the lookout to help anyone in need, especially in the HANDS-ON session.

Thanks for the great support William, Kenneth, John, Kian Meng, Daphne, Winnie and Sean - I have received great feedback from my students for all your help. Thank you.

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After the program, all my PTI Graduates were added to the Inner Circle Private What's App chat group which everyone was so excited about.

And it was heartening to see everyone immediately apply what they were imparted in the inner circle group.

Since the day PTI graduates were added, we have had active discussions every single day...

See below for some of the active discussions we had and in fact some of the graduates had already made money on some of the calls that were alerted by me LIVE.

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It's heartening to see and hear all the raving reviews from every single participant and I am honored to know that I have added value immensely.

I look forward to my next batch probably in 4 - 6 months time....

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If you see a fit after attending the introductory workshop, then perhaps you can also consider joining it too in the future where I can assure you that you will not be disappointed....

BUT please don’t take my word for it, for now, see what others have to say above...

Have a great weekend to all.   ;)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

SingMedical: A new upwards phase. System spotted something, price 0.685.

Over the past few days, we have seen SingMedical staged a firm move above the key 0.62 resistance level…..

It has been trading in a strong uptrend and consolidating below 0.62 for more than 3 months, testing it a few times but failed to cross above, finally the move came.

Any firm price action above 0.70 can see the upside continue. For now seeing some profit taking again which is normal…

Inner circle members were alerted then when we some positive actions. But before the actions, we actually saw something else….

Specifically a pattern from one of my 2 strategies….

The Explosive Trading strategy…..

Yes we did see something on the system for that strategy before this recent move came… looking good, just saying…. ;)

Let's see if the arrows drawn on the chart below can continue....

For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

UMS: Target hit from previous post, but system says? Price 1.24

We have indeed seen the move above the KEY 1.00 psychological level and it took off rapidly then....

See below chart again which was posted 2 weeks back. 

For illustration purpose only

We have even seen the 1.10 target breached too and up it went further...

For more than 2 weeks now, we have seen it supported well above 1.20...

That is a good thing btw....

Uptrend still looking good imo as long 1.20 holds.  

Raise sl to protect if still holding..

Hoping to see more actions soon.... System wise.... nice...hint hint....  ;)

See below where we are now and the upside possible...

For illustration purpose only

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Hi-P: Almost touching 1.00.... is the upside over? 41.1% GAIN from signal generated! Price 0.985

Just about 3 weeks back, I published a post on Hi-P when it was about 0.825, see blog post here >>>

Anyway, we started to see some profit taking but buyers came back up to take it higher...

It subsequently broke above the 0.900 level where we saw it consolidate for more than a week before pushing higher today and almost touching out 1.00 target....

High at 0.995 as of now. See where we are now below...

For illustration purpose only

A few emails were sent over past 3 weeks hinting at more strength actually.

But more importantly, wanted to bring out the bullish signal again that was shown in the previous blog post.

The new 1GT BULLISH ENTRY signal on 21 Apr 2017… Entry price 0.705.

See below.

For illustration purpose only

We are looking at a 41.1% GAIN from this bullish signal and the thing is, it is still going strong…

Do we have an exit yet?

Well, PTI grads can find out….

We are seeing some profit taking near 1.00 for now which is normal given the rally we have experienced….

Is there more upside?

Well never say never, a move above 1.00 on a specific price action can see more upside momentum…. Hint hint…

Thursday, June 1, 2017

MM2 Asia: More upside after the note 2 weeks back, Price 0.625

About 2 weeks ago, we saw some actions in MM2 Asia with it breaking past the 0.55 key level…

Was at about 0.57 then..

It faced come profit taking at 0.600 and retraced lower but only to gather more strength….

From the arrows on the chart drawn below, seems like our first target at 0.600 has already been breached and looks set to head higher…..

For illustration purpose only

Uptrend still looking good above 0.600…..

Let’s see if our next target can be hit or maybe even higher….

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