Monday, March 28, 2011

OSIM CHART - resistance at 1.61 !!! Watch this counter on the break.... Do not enter before it breaks, target price on this break is back up to 1.70 level !! look at the clear gap it can cover up...


STX OSV CHART - resistance at 1.17 has been broken, volume relatively strong today on contract win !!!! Can get some at 1.17 OR 1.18, target price at 1.24 short term !


COSCO CORP CHART - has broken resistance at 2.06 on high volume due to huge CONTRACT WIN OF US$525 million each. Next resistance at 2.17.

Rebounding back up from a low of 1.80... recent high was above 2.40 !!! can try to get some at support level at 2.06 if it dips..

 Cosco Corp. (F83.SG) is likely to rise after the China-based shipbuilder Friday said its unit signed a letter of intent with Sevan Drilling Rig to build two drilling units valued at US$525 million each, to be delivered in 4Q 2013 and 2Q 2014, respectively. Sevan also has an option to order two more units for US$525 million each. CIMB, which has an Outperform rating and a S$2.85 target price, says Cosco is the next best Chinese yard (after Dalian Shipbuilding) that could benefit from the offshore boom as Singapore yards get booked out." The house notes, the rig that Cosco delivered to Sevan Marine in 2009 has been able to command competitive market day rates; "Sevan Driller I, chartered to Petrobras, was 97% utilised in February 2011." It adds, "our recent yard visit to Qidong confirmed that international customers are generally satisfied with the work of Cosco''s Qidong yard and have been adding job scopes." Cosco shares were +3.1% at S$2.01 before being halted Friday; resistance is eyed at $2.05. (


Friday, March 25, 2011

NOBLE GROUP CHART - Has broken resistance at 2.16, now at 2.17, probable target price short term is 2.24...


COSCO CORP CHART - has broken resistance at 2.00 today on HIGH VOLUME !!!!! now at 2.01 !!

Possible to have some positions lock ion at this level if it stays above 2.00 support now. Resistance at 2.05 next, average up further on this break. After this it can go up to 2.17 !!!!

GENTING HK CHART - Has crossed the last resistance of 0.42 set on 9th March 2011....

Next resistance at 0.46 if manage to stay above the 0.42 level which has turned support !

KIM ENG - Genting Hong Kong (GENHK SP, US$0.42, BUY, TP US$0.54) – Genting Hong Kong reported FY10 net profit of US$67.9m, slightly below our forecast of US$74.9m. The strong turnaround after four years of reported net losses was within expectation. The better YoY performance was a result of all-round improvements in Star Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, as well as full-year contribution from Resorts World Manila. The latter generated EBITDA of US$102.0m on US$355.8m of revenue for FY10. Maintain BUY.


Monday, March 21, 2011

SGX CHART - bouncing off support at 7.30 !!! More upside to come if there are more certaintly on the merger deal with ASX....

Long term investors can lock in some positions at this level for any rebound back up when deal either gets through or not. Investors just want a conclusion....
Look at the high of about 10.20 in Nov Last year before coming down.. like to have found a bottom if it does not breach the 7.30 support level.

UOB CHART - accumulate some at a discount below 18.15 if possible... This is at the lower end of the range from 18.0 to 19.0....

Blue chips will be the one leading the recovery when all the negative news blow over... An opportunity to get at this price.... Remember crisis creates OPPORTUNITIES !!!

KEPCORP CHART - Holding strongly above channel support despite all the negative news that were hitting the market last week.... Entry would be safer below 11.50...

One of these blue chips which will rebound fast when crisis blows over.

#O&M/KepCorp: OSX Brasil SA plans to award deals for converting 3 supertankers into FPSOs this yr. The first contract will be awarded by end-Mar 11 & the other 2 will be decided in 2H11. KepCorp is currently working on a $50m job to modify a VLCC for the group with delivery in Jun 11 & stands a good chance of bagging these 3 potentially larger contracts.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GENTING SP CHART - has cleared the 2.00 psychological level... more upside to come to 2.06 if manage to stay above 2.00

Spread remains tight but volume still reasonable..  has creep up slowly from a low of 1.92 the week before...  Would trade from 2.00 to 2.06 and take profit while we can.


XINREN CHART - resistance to clear is 0.45... Consolidated for a while after coming down from a high of 0.58....

Can consider to ride the rebound if it crosses above the 0.45 and stay above... that would be a cross above the 20 DAY MA, which signifies a short term uptrend in placed.... stop loss at 0.425


LEADER ENVR TECH CHART - has cleared the resistance at 0.235 on pretty high volume today !!!!!

Possible to buy some from 0.24 to 0.25... target price at 0.27 near term.... stop loss at 0.23...