Monday, August 29, 2011

NOL CHART - Has broke above the CRITICAL 1.10.... now at 1.12 already... more upside in the short term.....

Possible to head to 1.18 to 1.20 level, must stay above 1.10 support now. put a stop at 1.07


SHENG SIONG CHART - Volume remains strong, momemtum still going strong currently..... Rising on TOP volume.....

Has crossed the psychological resistance level at 0.500...... now at 0.525..... More upside likely in the short term buyers starts to enter on any dips currently..... target at 0.55 first


GENTING SP CHART - Crossed above 1.55 resistance level currently.... to clear 1.60 strongly....

Traders expecting it to cross this level can consider entering around here. Support at 1.55 now... will average up on 1.60 break..... put a stop at 1.535


WILMAR CHART - Broke above the 5.20 resistance level which it tested 4 times in total.... Now at 5.23... If stay above 5.20, can head to 5.34....

Resistance has now turned support at 5.20.... More short term upside possible... Will average up on breaks above 5.34... put a stop at 5.17.

Friday, August 26, 2011

WILMAR CHART - Possible to accumulate beloe 5.05 level... support remains at 5.00.....

Traders can consider to trade this.... range is 20 cents from 5.00 to 5.20... resistance to clear is 5.20..... then 5.34 ,put a stop at 4.92


Thursday, August 25, 2011

WILMAR CHART - Holding above the 5.00 support level..... Traders can consider entering near support to trade a rebound.

Now at 5.05, nearing support slowly....   Resistance at 5.35 then 5.50... put a stop at 4.92


SEMB CORP CHART - Support currently at 3.90, rebounding slightly from this support level...... Possible to accumulate near support to catch rebound....

Note that it tested this 3.90 support in early August and rebounded to above 4.40 before falling again... Put a clear stop at 3.86

GENTING SP CHART - Range is currently from 1.45 to 1.55....Now at 1.52 with 1.50 as immediate support........

Can only head higher if it breaks above the 1.55 level and stays above it..... Any weak market can see it trade down to test support level again.....

SHENG SIONG CHART - 0.45 is a clear resistance which it has formed yesterday and testing it again right now...... now at 0.445

If BUYERS lift the 0.45 level out, possible to head higher in the short term to test the 0.50......... Volume is the Highest AGAIN today.... Recession proof business????


Monday, August 22, 2011

TIGER AIRWAY CHART - Broke 0.90 support level, possible to head lower..... Now at 0.88


NOBLE GROUP CHART - Support broken at 1.36.... next support at 1.30 which it tested in the morning..... Currently at 1.32....

IF 1.30 SELLS out, likely to head lower.......


GENTING SP CHART - Support at 1.50 did not hold.... now at 1.49... Looks very dangerous.....

If buyers at 1.485 or 1.48 taken out, possible to head lower to find new support.... Currently it looks precarious.......


SINGTEL CHART - Support at 2.85 still holding strongly..... one of the defensive counters to consider accumulating on dips.......


COSCO CORP CHART - still below 1.00 support turned resistance level,,, more downside possible if fail to lift above 1.00.....


Friday, August 19, 2011

GENTING SP CHART - from earlier chart sent, genting sp will most likely test the 1.50 support level.....

There might be a technical rebound from the 1.50 level due probably to short covering...... IF this 1.50 does not hold, it can go way way down.... possible to test 1.32 eventually.


WILMAR CHART - NEARING support level at 5.00... can consider accumulating near support level to trade any rebound... put a stop clearly at 4.96


GENTING SP CHART - Support at 1.60 did not hold.... now at 1.59.... IF stay below 1.60, not good, possible to head lower to find new support level....


COSCO CORP CHART - BROKE CRITICAL 1.00 support level... CAN go lower......


OCBC CHART - Support level at 8.60..... Possible blue chip to accumulate on dips


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

EZRA CHART - Broke above at 1.01... if stay above possible to head to test 1.10 in short term....take profit above 1.06..... Strong volume on order win

Mainly a short term play, put a cleat stop at 0.985

Ezra (5DN.SG) will be in focus after the company said its EMAS AMC offshore construction division was awarded a contract by Chevron Thailand. The project will see EMAS AMC installing a number of wellhead platforms and associated pipelines in the Gulf of Thailand and is expected to commence early 2012 for a three-year firm period with an option for two more years. "Including the options, this project is estimated to increase the order book for EMAS AMC to over US$600 million from more than US$300 million as at July 14 2011.


NOBLE CHART - Hovering from 1.50 to 1.55 for the past few days.... Must cross above 1.55 to test next 1.60 critical resistance....

Longer term investors can consider accumulating around here to participate in any rebound.. Would average up on break of 1.60... put a stop at 1.485

KEP CORP CHART - Has broken above the resistance level at 9.50, now at 9.52... more upside likely in the near term if can stay above this level...

Target possible to 10.00 if market conditions are favourable..... put a stop at 9.44.


Monday, August 15, 2011

KEP CORP CHART - Currently at 9.29, likely to head to 9.50 level to test resistance..... if cross this level will be highly positive... to touch 10.00...

Long to mid term investors can consider accumulating around these level if you do not want to be left out on any rebound,,,,, Put a stop at 8.96

STX OSV CHART - Has broke above 1.30, now at 1.32..... Possible to accumulate fom 1.30 to 1.32 level.....

Next resistance at 1.35 to clear....... results strong, recent high at 1.58…  DBSV: 2Q11 results for STX OSV were above expectations on strong
margins; sustainable through 2H. We expect order wins to feature strongly in 2H, which could be re-rating drivers. FY11F earnings were raised by 17% on positive forward guidance by management. Maintain BUY, TP S$1.90 (Prev S$ 1.86). We continue to like the stock for its market leading position and relatively large market share for large AHTS and PSVs, and strong track record.


SEMB MAR CHART - Broke above last week high of 4.36 would be a positive... could signal a rebound back up slowly....

4.50 would be a critical resistance to clear... if it crosses this level and stay above, more upside to come... Longer term investors can enter around this level to participate in any rebound..


Friday, August 12, 2011

WILMAR CHART - Rebounding on strong results...... resistance at 5.20 crossed.... this remains as support

Will still be positive is stay above 5.20 support now... note that recent high was above 5.80, quite a steal at this levels


KEP CORP CHART - Broke above yesterday high of 9.00 which is also a strong psychological level....Good to rally up again if stays above 9.00

Support at 9.00 currently, can accumulate at this levels form 9.00 to 9.06, next resistance at 9.50...... put a stop at 8.96


DBS CHART - Still a bargain below 14.00....

For almost 2 years trading sideways, now at the lower end of this range... For longer term investors, good to consider going in at this levels


GENTING SP CHART - Back to above 1.70 resistance, can signal strong buy up to 1.75 level.....

Broke above yesterday high of 1.70..... Will be good to go again if manages to stay above 1.70... now at 1.71