Thursday, November 28, 2013

****** Testing Key resistance again: Mermaid. Share price 0.425. (More uspide ?)

Mermaid currently seen in TOP 20 volume is testing the key resistances at 0.42 to 0.43 which were the highs set in Feb and May 2013 before dipping. Clearing 0.43 would be a potential buy signal to 0.45 if it manages to stay above in the short term. A break above 0.45 will it at about a 3 year high which can see it got to 0.500 fast.
Stop loss at 0.39.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

********** Trading Buy: Noble Group. Share price 1.11. (Broke resistance at 1.10 after a month, more upside likely)

Noble Group has consolidated below 1.10 for about a month and has broke up today on TOP 5 volume. This can signal a new momentum upwards to 1.15 then 1.20 resistance level. Support at 1.10 now. More upside in the short term if support holds.
Stop loss at 1.085

Monday, November 18, 2013

******** Potential upside on breakout: Golden Agri. Share price 0.600. (Can it stay above 0.600 ? )

After trading below Critical 0.600 since March this year, Golden Agri has finally broke above the key 0.600 resistance level last Friday and manage to stay above today. Support would be at 0.600 now. Can be a positive short term play to 0.65 then 0.68 level as long as 0.600 holds as new support. Can see strength in this counter as most commodities counters rises on market strength.
Stop loss at 0.585.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

******* Trading Sell: HL Asia. Share price 1.385. (Broken down 2 year support)

HL Asia has traded above the 1.40 support level since Oct 2011 but we have seen it break below today. Has been forming lower lows since the beginning of the year and has attempted again to stay above 1.40 since September 2013. More downside can be possible if it does not climb back above the 1.40 critical resistance level now. As long as 1.40 is a new resistance formed, we are midterm bearish with downside to 1.20 or even 1.00.  CFD trading SELL to hold on to sell positions.
Buy stop at 1.43

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

******** Trading Sell: HPH Trust US$. Share price 0.71. (Broke 0.72 support finally)

HPH Trust has stayed above the 0.72 support level since Sept 2012 but has broken down this support over the past few days. Likely to head lower to 0.70 then 0.68 level support on weak market. Double top formation seen with resistance at 0.800 can be seen which can also signal some weakness forming. As long as 0.72 is a resistance and it stays below it, bearish in the short term still.
CFD Buy stop at 0.735

******** Broke Critical Support: Rex. Share price 0.68. (Cautious Sentiment - more downside likely)

Rex has broken below the 0.700 critical support after staying above it for more than 3 months since August. Next support at 0.65 then 0.600. As long as 0.700 is a new resistance level, more downside can be possible. Can consider CFD short positions to ride any downside. A slight head and shoulder pattern formation with breakdown of neckline support at 0.700 seen also which can be a bearish signal.