Tuesday, April 26, 2011

INDO AGRI CHART - BACK to support level again.. touched 2.12 just now and started to recover (NOW AT 2.14 ALREADY - 2.56pm)...

.Traders can get some from 2.12 to 2.14 level and trade it back up to 2.21 resistance (which was tested 2 times)...


SATS SERVICES CHART - trading at the lower end of the range near support level at 2.51... For longer term investors, can start to accumulate at this dicsounted levels....

From chart you can see that recent high is 2.65 resistance.... Note that volume for this counter is not as strong so might have to hold for its gradual uptick...


SUNVIC CHART - TOP 5 VOLUME TODAY !!! HAS CLEARED RESISTANCE AT 0.785, NOW AT 0.79 ALREADY !!! target to 0.84 in the short term if volume persist...

Possible to get some for a short term trade at 0.79 or 0.785 !!! Good luck !


Z-OBEE CHART - trading range if from 0.28 to 0.315... Possible to get some at the lower end of range from 0.28 to 0.29.... If it breaks above 0.315, can head to 0.35 !!

Volume is slowing building up, consolidating at the moment from the chart !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SEROJA CHART - resistance at 0.315 .... BROKE TODAY !!! volume increasing ... SOMETHING BREWING!!! Target to 0.37 !!!

Hit a high of 0.325 today, so we can consider that the 0.315 level is lifted !!! more upside likely !!!


NOBLE GROUP CHART - TESTING 2.25 resistance level NOW !!!! can GET some at 2.26 direct and queue to buy some at 2.25...... Target about 2.32 in the short term !

Tested this 2.25 resistance level a total of 5 times and finally manage to get pass it today, MORE UPSIDE LIKELY !


YING LI CHART - Has broke away from the 0.415 resistance level yesterday, TODAY still manage to stay above this level which has turned support....

Possible to trade it to 0.45 target price in the short term...... Volume gradually increasing.....


NOL CHART - Rebounding back to 2.00 level ??

Has rebounded from the 1.88 to 1.90 level,  At this level now, it is still somewhere at the lower end of the range .... can consider getting some positions in still to trade to 2.00 ….


GENTING SP CHART - This counter has clearly broken away from the 2.16 level, 2.20 is the next psychological resistance to clear.

As of now (9.52am) there are 33k lot stack at this level 2.20, if this level clears, aggressive traders can enter to trade it to 2.25 !! Good luck !


Monday, April 18, 2011

GENTING SP CHART - resistance at 2.12 then 2.16...

Aggressive traders can get some at consolidation phase from 2.08 to 2.11 if possible currently and wait for the break ... Average up on the clearing of 2.16 to a target price of 2.25.


BIOSENSORS CHART - has cleared the 1.26 resistance.... support is now at 1.30, can try to get some near support level.... Near Term target price at 1.50 !!

Its free to go after lifting off the 1.26 level, more upside to be seen...

CHINA MINZHONG CHART - Slowly climbing back up to its recent high, don't miss it !!

Support at about 1.75 level, cleared resistance last week at 1.72... Accumulate on dips for any strong buy up to 1.90 final resistance level...


SATS SERVICES CHART - trading at bottom end of range.... good buying opportunity again !!!! Trade it back up to top of range at about 2.64


NOL CHART - range trading for almost a month.....

Can get some from 1.90 to 1.93 and trade it back up to 2.00 level....


DYNA MAC CHART - has broken resistance at 0.66 last week already.. This remains support level....

Possible to get some from 0.665 to 0.68 level to trade up to 0.700... Strong volume seen in THIS COUNTER CONSISTENTLY.