Monday, March 31, 2014

*************** Potential Breakout: Ramba. Now at 0.665... ( Monitor for Breakout ! )

Ramba has consolidated for more than a week from 0.645 to 0.675, likely to stay within this range until a direction move is seen. Huge resistance can be seen at 0.675 and 0.68 level at the moment so any clearing of these level can lead to a new upward phase with target to 0.70 then 0.78. Note the 0.675 was a crucial resistance from July to Sept last year before it dipped. Ramba has also consistently trade above 20 DAY MA and  the channel support upward sloping Green line since Jan this year forming higher lows along each move. Can average up with entry from 0.68 to 0.685 if the breakout occurs with volume more than 8m shares. Only the downside breakdown of 0.63 will invalidate our bullish scenario.
Stop loss at 0.65 on breakout.

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Congrats to our clients who managed to get in on CapMallAsia when we LIVE EMAILED AND SMS them last Thursday. It was about 1.755 and 1.76 then when the call was triggered, currently at 1.79 today!
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Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 3:36 PM
Subject: ************** CapMallsAsia: Cleared 1.75...... 1.76 clearing.... Double Bottom reversal ?
CapMallsAsia has just crossed above the 1.75 temporary resistance level on top 30 Volume. This also coincides with the break above the 20 DAY MA (signaling some short term momentum in place). Target to 1.80 then 1.85. This was the rebound seen last month. As long as 1.75 is a support we are short term bullish !
Stop loss 1.735

Friday, March 28, 2014

****************Noble: Follow up from previous buy call (Now at 1.225)

Noble has indeed broke above the 1.125 resistance level and headed higher strongly to even clear the 1.20 psychological resistance. Most would have taken profit by now given the huge run after call triggered. Range would likely be from 1.20 to 1.25 now and may consolidate awhile first before any new signal given. However a break above 1.25 can again see it trade to 1.30 then 1.30 which was the high in Oct 2012.

REPOST ***************** PSL: Short term rebound ? Price 0.25....... REPOST (NOW AT 0.26)

Emailed to Clients Yesterday LIVE on breakout ! now at 0.26 !   Still good to go ?
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Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 3:52 PM
Subject: ******************** PSL: Short term rebound ? Price 0.25.......

************ YOMA: POSITVE CALL triggered yesterday !

Yoma at 0.76 now, clients informed through email to enter at 0.735 to 0.74 yesterday as seen below !! J Congrats
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:25 AM
Subject: FW: ************ Potential breakout on News: Yoma. Share price 0.72. REPOST
Broke Resistance today, maybe good to go FURTHER, try to get IN FROM 0.735 TO 0.74…
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 9:38 AM
Subject: ************ Potential breakout on News: Yoma. Share price 0.72.
Yoma has been trading below the 0.725 resistance level for more than a month already. Seeing it test this critical level on TOP 20 volume today on series of announcements this morning. Has attempted to cross it a total of 6 times but to no avail. Monitor closely for this potential breakout, a break above 0.73 can see it head to 0.78 region first. Has just crossed above the 20 DAY MA few days back and still manage to stay above it. Let’s see if sellers at 0.725 and 0.73 get taken out.
Stop loss at 0.695
OCBC – 11 March 2014
Yoma Strategic Holdings: Seizing opportunities in Myanmar
Yoma Strategic Holdings (Yoma) made a series of announcements this morning. First, it reported a definitive shareholders agreement with Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels to redevelop the former Myanmar Railway Company headquarters on the Landmark site into The Peninsula Yangon hotel. We believe this is subject to the successful acquisition of the Landmark site, which currently has a deadline in end June 2014. Secondly, Yoma will take a 80% stake in developing two sites near FMI City in Hlaing Tharyar Township, Yangon into a development with 90 residential units and 19.9k sq ft of commercial leasing space. Thirdly, the company has entered into agreements with ED&F Man Holdings Ltd and PMM Partners Ltd, separately, to invest in coffee planting at the Maw Tin Estate in Ayeyarwaddy and supplying UHT dairy products in Mayanmar, respectively. Finally, Yoma also announced plans to develop educational facilities with Harrows International Management Services and Dulwich College International in Pun Hlaing Golf Estate and Star City, respectively. We will meet with management to discuss these developments later this morning and, in the meantime, maintain BUY with our fair value estimate of S$0.97 under review.

************ Genting SP: Broke 1.32 temp resistance...... (1.33 now )

Genting has consolidated briefly from 1.30 to 1.32 for about a week and today we have seen a slight breakout on TOP 10 VOLUME. May see it recover back to 1.36 then 1.40 level. Note that at this level, it has also just broken up above the 20 DAY short term MA (Green line) which can signal an upward reversal.
Stop loss 1.285
CIMB – 28 MACH 2014
Genting Singapore (AD, TP:S$1.81) - Moving forward with Jeju
Genting Singapore (GENS) has announced that the conditions precedent for the JV to develop a US$2.2bn integrated resort (IR) on Jeju Island have been met. This includes government approvals for the venture. We therefore expect some form of official announcement by the Korean government to follow, similar to the Caesar, Lippo and OUE JV in Incheon. We keep our RNAV-based target price and EPS forecasts, and maintain an Add rating. The key catalyst for GENS’s share price is the utilisation of excess capital on its balance sheet. The Jeju JV is a prelude to the full potential of GENS’s balance sheet, which is expected to be fully unlocked if it does secure a concession in Japan as well.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

*************** Indo Agri: a NEW TRADING PHASE UPWARDS ........ (Follow up Call) NOW AT 0.96 !

Indo gri has indeed cleared its consolidation phase upwards above the critical 0.95 resistance level. More upside if it can stay above this new support now. Target would be to 1.00 now and a break above would open the way to 1.10 possibly.
Stop loss at 0.93

************** YOMA: Follow up - Breakout seen finally !!!!

Following UP from previous BUY CALL. Yoma has finally cleared the 0.73 resistance convincingly today on TOP 10 volume hitting a high of 0.765…. Would be good to take profit from 0.78 to 0.80 first and wait for more direction……

Profit Taking on NOBLE Group !!! Congrats

Congrats to some of our clients who participated in NOBLE CALL, Currently at 1.18.
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REPOST *************** Ausgroup: Consolidating in wait of direction.... Price: 0.315 now (REPOST - 0.335 NOW)

Following up from TRADING CALL made yesterday.
Ausgroup have cleared the 0.325 today on TOP VOLUME !, Potential call triggered yesterday, upside potential  in the short term as mentioned previously, TRADING BUY !

Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 1:39 PM
Subject: *************** Ausgroup: Consolidating in wait of direction.... Price: 0.315 now
Following up from previous BUY call. Ausgroup has consolidated for more than a week from 0.295 to 0.325. Currently it is at TOP 10 Volume while attempting to break above the 0.325 resistance level. High today at 0.325 also….. Can consider accumulating on dips near 0.300 support with stop loss at 0.285. Seems like a break above 0.325 would be near soon, and if that happens, can see it trade to 0.35 to 0.37 target first. Be ready to catch the breakout !

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

*************** Ausgroup: Consolidating in wait of direction.... Price: 0.315 now

Following up from previous BUY call. Ausgroup has consolidated for more than a week from 0.295 to 0.325. Currently it is at TOP 10 Volume while attempting to break above the 0.325 resistance level. High today at 0.325 also….. Can consider accumulating on dips near 0.300 support with stop loss at 0.285. Seems like a break above 0.325 would be near soon, and if that happens, can see it trade to 0.35 to 0.37 target first. Be ready to catch the breakout !


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*********** Nam Cheong: Consolidating in uptrend channel...... (BUY to hold) - 0.325

Nam Cheong has been consolidating below the 0.35 KEY RESISTANCE level for about 3 months already. Still trading above uptrend channel support like which held since beginning 2012. Opportunity to accumulate on dips above channel support to wait for a potential breakout above the 0.35 resistance. A matter of time only before a bullish breakout, don miss it then. Not for contra, might have to hold to wait out the consolidation !
Stop loss at 0.275

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

************** Jason Holding: Strength on a weak market......

Following up from Previous BUY CALL. Jason has continued to inch upwards on a weak market…. Can continue to ride the uptrend and raise stop loss along the way to protect your profits. Stop loss at 0.52 now. Near term target to 0.55 then 0.60.

*************** FOLLOW UP: Memstar, broke 0.140 resistance as mentioned previously........

Following up from previous BUY CALL. Memstar has indeed tested the 0.140 faster than expected and has cleared it today with a high of 0.144. Support would form at 0.140 at the moment and next target would be at 0.150 strongly. Likely to consolidate from 0.140 to 0.145 in view of the huge surge over the past few days before any direction. Can consider averaging up again in new consolidation phase and raising stop loss to 0.137 now.

*********** Noble Group: 1.10, Heading towards 1.125 resistance level.....

Noble has crept up above the 1.10 psychological level again after a slight profit taking…. Likely to test the critical 1.125 resistance level. Any break above this level can signal a new phase upwards towards the 1.20 and 1.30 level. Currently at top 5 Volume on the crossing of psychological 1.10. Might be something brewing, monitor closely to see if it breaks.
Stop loss at 1.07
StanChart – 25 March 2014
#Noble: StanChart upgraded Noble Group to OUTPERFORM with a higher TP of $1.28 (from $1.02), representing an upside of 19%. Taking a cue on the valuation of 1.4x P/B from Temasek’s offer for Olam, House TP for Noble equates to a 1.3x P/B.
StanChart expects sugar to underpin an earnings recovery or even a re-rating, given a combination of maturing assets and higher prices. In addition, should the current discussions relating to a sale of its agri business with COFCO lead to a deal, it may unlock value and shift sentiment.
CEO Yusuf Alireza continues to focus on positioning Noble towards its core supply-chain manager skills, with an asset-light structure. We view investments in X2 and Resource Generation as on-strategy and value- and reputation accretive. Moreover, management has a mantra that ROE is “the ultimate goal”, but “not with a weak investment grade”.

Monday, March 24, 2014

************** Osim: Uptrend intact.... (BUY and hold for the LONG haul....)

Following up from previous BUY CALL. Osim has indeed consolidated above the 2.50 support before pushing higher further last Friday. Congrats to those who manage to accumulate some near 2.50. Osim next target would likely be 2.80. As long as support above 2.60 to 2.63, we are bullish still in the mid term and can continue to ride the uptrend.
Stop loss 2.57
DBS – 21ST March 24, 2014 - OSIM - Buy for 3-pronged growth, target price raised to S$3.08)
We find OSIM’s current business model to be robust and
capable of supporting growth into the future. OSIM’s threepronged
growth model comprises: i) Massage chairs driving
growth through new products; ii) TWG supplementing
growth with rapid store network expansion; and iii) GNC
providing resilient earnings and cashflows to the Group.
These factors, complemented by the scaling up of OSIM’s
presence in China, is more than capable of supporting
sustainable earnings growth going forward. OSIM’s soon-tobe
launched new version of the uAngel chair is set to build on
preceding model’s success while TWG’s rapid expansion is
expected to positively impact earnings growth. We expect
minimal EPS dilution of 1%/6% for FY14F/FY15F from
convertible bonds (CB) conversion. Maintain BUY, target price
raised to S$3.08 (Prev S$ 2.64) as we raise our PE multiple to
18x on stronger business model.

********** Bullish Setup: Frencken. Share price 0.36.... ( to 0.400 target )

Frencken has just broke out of the immediate 0.35 resistance level on the back of new analyst coverage. Possible to see it trade higher if it manages to stay above 0.35 support now. A reasonable target to 0.400 is expected first. Has tested the 0.35 level for 4 times since a month ago only to break up today finally, could this be a new upward phase ? Lets watch !
Stop loss at 0.335
Lim and Tan – 21st March 2014
We are recommending a BUY on Frencken
Group (30 cents, down 1/2 cent) as (a) this 60
year old electronic contract manufacturer which
turned around from a loss of $12mln in 2012 to
$17mln profit in 2013 is expected to continue to
benefit from the recovery in demand from their
key automotive, medical, semiconductor and
analytical customers in Europe (62% of sales)
such as BMW, Continental, Bosch, GE
Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips
Medical, Intel, ASML and Thermofisher;
(b) its 2014 growth of 20% compares favourably
to its forward PE of 6x; (c) its forward PE of 6x is
undemanding compared to sector peers such as
Sunning Tech’s 9x and Amtek’s 10x despite
similar return and growth profiles; (d) its price to
book of 0.5x and dividend yield of 5% provides
down-side support and(e) it will benefit from the
stronger US dollar and Euro given their sales are
denominated in those currencies.

REPOST ************ Trading BUY: Breadtalk. (Has cleared immediate 1.05 resistance today !!! )

Breaktalk at 1.175 currently, congrats to those who hitch on this breakout call….. Resistance at 1.20, would be good to take profit first in view of the huge run after last week call. However, a break above 1.20 can see it find a new high to 1.30 probably. May see it consolidating first below 1.20 for a while before staging a new breakout.
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 4:33 PM
Subject: ************* Trading BUY: Breadtalk. (Has cleared immediate 1.05 resistance today !!! )
Breadtalk can be a stock to watch if it manages to stay above 1.05 now. Target to 1.10 then 1.20…. Resistance at 1.05 has been holding since Apr last year and we have seen quite a convincing breakout today. Higher volume would be more positive for this counter. Currently at 1.06. Let’s see if 1.05 resistance turned support can hold now !
Stop loss at 0.99

Friday, March 21, 2014

************** Potential BREAKDOWN: NOL. 0.985 SUPPORT currently !

Following up from previous CFD SELL CALL IN Feb. NOL has indeed traded to a low of 0.94 before rebounding. Congrats to those who profited from the short term downside.
Now, over the past 2 weeks, have seen it find a new consolidation phase from 0.985 to 1.01….. Monitor for any DOWNSIDE breakdown of the 0.985 support which is also near the 20 DAY Short term MA support. Entry for short positions from 0.97 to 0.98 with buy stop at 0.995. Target would be back to 0.94. Only the upside breakout of 1.03 will invalidate our bearish scenario, in this case a recovery should shape towards 1.06 then 1.10.

************* Bearish U TURN: Golden Agri. Reversing Back down ? (CFD SELL) Price 0.575.

For now, Golden Agri has kind of broken below the immediate 0.58 support level on TOP 10 VOLUME which also coincides with the Short term MA LINE. More downside can be seen back to 0.50 to 0.54 level if it stays below 0.58. Those looking to accumulate can consider getting in anywhere from 0.50 to 0.52 for a potential rebound. Have been in the 0.50 to 0.615 range for about a year already, trade the range by accumulating near support.
Stop loss 0.605

Thursday, March 20, 2014

*********** FOLLOW UP on Hankore: Still a BUY. Resistance at 0.150 now !

Following up from previous BUY CALL. Hankore has indeed broken up its resistance further in the last 2 weeks and consolidated higher. Likely to test the 0.150 level in the coming days. Range would be 0.140 to 0.150 at the moment. Good to take profit along the way too in wait of pullback. Any breakup above 0.150 can also see it go further to find new high.
Stop loss at 0.138
CIMB – 19 MARCH 2014
HanKore Environment Tech Group (AD, TP:S$0.16) - Riding China’s water boom
Riding China’s increasing environmental awareness, HanKore’s water business will soar on both capacity expansion and rising water tariff. The recently-announced deal with China Everbright International is a major near-term catalyst and will brighten its outlook tremendously. We initiate coverage on HanKore with an Add rating. HanKore’s revenue and earnings should expand in FY14-16 on the back of both capacity expansion and higher water tariffs. The RTO of CEI’s water business, once sealed, should further improve its contract clinching and project financing. With the deal currently at the due diligence stage, our preliminary SOP valuation indicates a target price of S$0.156.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

************* Trading BUY: Breadtalk. (Has cleared immediate 1.05 resistance today !!! )

Breadtalk can be a stock to watch if it manages to stay above 1.05 now. Target to 1.10 then 1.20…. Resistance at 1.05 has been holding since Apr last year and we have seen quite a convincing breakout today. Higher volume would be more positive for this counter. Currently at 1.06. Let’s see if 1.05 resistance turned support can hold now !
Stop loss at 0.99

*************** MEMSTAR TECH: Uptrend still intact. now 0.132. (Still a BUY) - Follow up from previous BUY CALL

Following up from Previous BUY CALL. Memstar Tech has since broken up above the 0.130 critical resistance level, range likely from 0.130 to 0.135 for the next few days before any up move again. As long as 0.130 is a new support now, we are bullish with a target to 0.140 then 0.150. Can consider accumulating within this range. 0.135 high seen yesterday likely to be tested again, let’s see if that manages to clear soon….
Stop loss at 0.127

************* INDO AGRI FOLLOW UP: Which way now ?

Following up from Previous BUY CALL. Indo agri has indeed traded higher after our breakout calls touching a high of 0.95. Most would have taken profit by then, Congrats ! Indo Agri has been trading from 0.89 to 0.95 for the past 2 weeks, most likely would be within this range in search of a break down or break up further. Downside back to 0.85 then 0.80 can be possible if support at 0.89 clears which also coincides with the 20 DAY MA LINE. However, any break up above 0.95-0.96 Critical resistance levels can see it trace to 1.00 fast.  Possible to trade within the range and monitor for any upside/downside breakout.

********** Potential Downside: Capitaland. Share price 2.72

Capitaland has broken down its immediate support at 2.73 which has held last month too before rebounding slightly. A break below 2.70 psychological support would serve as further confirmation of short term weakness in this counter along with overall market. Potential CFD Sell trade opportunity. Those who already have long positions and would like to average down can consider accumulating near support at 2.60 then 2.40. Shortists using CFD can ride the downside on any break of this key support levels and cover back along the next support. Let’s see if 2.70 breaks down too……
Buy stop 2.81

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OCBC: Sinarmas Land - Bullish break suggests more upside to come

************** Trading SELL (FOLLOW UP): Yangzijiang. Price: 1.045 (Broke 1.05 support, more downside !!!! )

Following up from Previous SELL CALL. Yangzijiang has broke the 1.05 temp support level again, target to 1.00 then 0.97 can be possible. Can continue to ride the downside and cover back near to 1.00 level.
Buy stop at 1.07

************** Potential Breakout: KLW. Price 0.044 ( When will the 0.046 and 0.047 clear ?)

KLW has been consolidating below 0.046 for almost 2 months already. Testing this critical resistance today again on TOP 2 volume. So far to no avail that it has broken up. You can see from the chart that it has formed higher lows since a month ago and staying close to the 20 DAY MA line, support would be at 0.40 currently. Potential upside to 0.50 the 0.054 if key resistance levels are cleared. Monitor closely for any breakout
Stop loss at 0.038

************ CFD SELL (FOLLOW UP): Yanlord - Broken support as mentioned previously.... (Sell)

Following up from previous CFD SELL CALL. Yanlord has indeed traded lower and broken below the 1.085 support yesterday. Traded lower at 1.065 as of now. More downside likely, those who have shorted can consider covering back position below 1.03. A breakdown of support at 1.05 can eventually see it head towards Psychological 1.00 where we might see a temp rebound.
Buy stop at 1.105

*********** Broke out of consolidation Again: THBEV. Share price 0.63

Following up from previous Trading BUY Calls. Thbev has indeed broken up above 0.600 and consolidated for more than a week within the range of 0.60 to 0.62. Today we have seen a further breakout on TOP 5 VOLUME upwards above 0.62 with a high at 0.64. Likely to see it test 0.65 in the near term.  0.700 can be the next possible target if even resistance at 0.65 clears out. Monitor closely and take profit along the way above 0.68.
Move Stop loss up at 0.61

Monday, March 17, 2014

************ Figtree: Breakout of Consolidation again..... More upside !

Following up from trading call last week (See below). Figtree has indeed traded higher touching a new high at 0.46 today. Likely to test 0.50 soon in the next few days. Support would be at 0.44 region with stop loss at 0.425 the same. A BREAK Above 0.500 can pave the way higher to new consolidation phase. Can continue to ride the uptrend till it proves otherwise.
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:21 PM
Subject: ************ Figtree: Breakout of Consolidation again..... More upside !
Figtree has consolidated below 0.44 for about a week before breaking above this resistance again. Poised to see it touched the 0.50 target in the short term if can stay above the 0.45 level….. Volume reasonable today. Stop loss at 0.425. Can put this counter in your watch list and try to accumulate on any pullback above 0.44 support, uptrend seems to be still strong.

************* Trading BUY: Vard Holdings - Share price 1.01..... ( Broke critical 1.00 !!!)

Following up from Trading call last week.  Vard has indeed traded upwards and broken upwards above the CRITICAL 1.00 psychological level… More upside now if it stays above the new 1.00 support level. May try to test 1.10 first before heading higher, a break above 1.10 can see it test 1.20 which was the high seen in June last year.
Stop loss at 0.97.

Friday, March 14, 2014

*********** KimHeng Offshore: A reversal to uptrend finally ? Price 0.265. (BUY)

Kimheng has just broken above the 0.25 resistance yesterday on strong volume. This could be the start a new reversal to Uptrend as it has finally broken upwards above the Downward sloping channel resistance line. On top of that, Kimheng has also cleared above the 20 DAY MA short term moving average which also coincides with the 0.25 level…. Next resistance would be at 0.275 and a break above that can see it got o 0.30 to 0.32 in the short term. DBS initiated coverage today with TP AT 0.33 also.
Stop loss at 0.22.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

************** Opportunity to accumulate: DBS. Rebound from support possible.... 15.82 now

DBS has again traded lower to near the support at 15.80, low seen today at 15.80 before rebounding slightly. This was the level that was supported well in Aug last year before it rebounded back to above $17. Those looking to accumulate some strong bank blue chips counters can consider around this level for the longer term and await a rebound. However take note that a breakdown of the 15.80 can also see it trade lower to 15.20 level so save some bullets along the way.