Friday, March 16, 2012

GOLDEN AGRI CHART - 0.75 resistance and psychological level cleared, now at 0.76... Target short term to 0.79 recent high.

Volume at top 3 currently !!! coming back strongly on high volume !


STX OSV CHART - Cleared recent high of 1.76... now at 1.775.... On psychological break of 1.80, can head higher in search of new high...

Put a stop at 1.735


GENTING SP CHART - Resistance at 1.65 cleared, now at 1.66... Volume top currently, more uspide to target 1.70 and 1.73 recent high.

put a stop at 1.635


OSIM CHART - Cleared the 1.185 resistance level, more uspide on a clear break out of 1.20.... possible to head to 1.20 on the break. Now at 1.195


KEPLAND CHART - Pulling away from the 3.50 level.... considered a convincing breakout...... now at 3.56.... more upside possible to 3.90...