Thursday, November 30, 2017

Allied Tech: The move came, more upside to target? Price 0.083

Just this morning, some positive actions were spotted in Allied Tech as it approached the 0.080 level…

Was then at about 0.077, see chart below…

Some targets drawn too…

Expecting a move above this key level over the next few days but it seems like buyers are too impatient already….

For illustration purpose only

Started to see buyers coming back after lunch….

Indicators looking good, especially above 0.080 now and next target at 0.090 can be still on track….  ;)

We did had an exit signal last week for the bullish run in beginning of November but we never know…

There may be a new bullish signal on today’s move, will see what the SYSTEM SAYS….

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Tuan Sing: More Upside possible? Next target on track... price 0.46

Just yesterday, we spotted some actions with Tuan Sing approaching the 0.45 resistance level

Is was then at about 0.43 and something was looking really interesting....

Anyway, some near term upside targets were drawn and I was looking for a move real soon...…

Today, a push higher indeed....

More positive price action above 0.455 can see the upside continue….

Probably to 0.500 as drawn… Watching  ;)

So far so good and playing out well as drawn….

Yes, we did see something on the SYSTEM recently....

Finally some actions seen after the near to  2 months consolidation…..

For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Keppel DC Reit: Next target still on the cards ... Price 1.46

Just last week, we spotted some actions in Keppel DC Reit above the 1.40 level and some targets were drawn…

Was then at about 1.41 and we were expecting a strong move soon with 1st target at 1.45..

Over the past few days, we have indeed seen our 1st target hit and playing out well as drawn…

See what I mean below…

For illustration purpose only

Today a breach even with a high at 1.46 as of now…

Looks like our 2nd target at 1.50 is still on the cards….

Indicators still looking positive as of now and more importantly…

System still looking good…

Had a 1GT bullish signal recently… No Exits…. ;)

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Friday, November 24, 2017

Jiutian Chemical: An Exit seen finally.... then a sell down began... Price 0.071

Following up from previous blog post about 3 weeks back when Jiutian Chemical was at 0.078 >>>

I mentioned that there can be more meat above 0.080… and that the SYSTEM spotted something too….

Indeed, we have see the upside continue over the past 2 weeks to a high of 0.095 last week before some profit taking set in….

Unfortunately, we have seen the 0.080 support break down over the past few days and seems like sellers are ready to take it lower….

Some downside targets was drawn yesterday with the first one about to be hit.

For illustration purpose only

We may expect more selling below 0.070 too as per 2nd target drawn on more negative price action….

Hopefully some support coming in along the way….

From the SYSTEM, finally, yes, we did see an EXIT few days back with inner circle cautioned too…. (See below)

Yes, before the fall began…. Cautious long….

Would want to wait for some stability and reversal price action before any entry to catch the rebound again…

Luckily, we have a system to guide us and warn us…

Can’t wait to share more about the strategy behind this system to my next batch of students over the weekend… ;)

For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Genting Sing: Almost touching target... Price 1.39. Still good to go?

Just about 2 weeks ago, we spotted some really good price action in Genting above the 1.25 level….

Some upside targets were drawn as indicators were also looking good then plus..

We also had a bullish signal with no exits on the system then….

See chart issued 2 weeks back when it was at about 1.285…

Was expecting the move above 1.30 soon and INDEED, it happened after a few days….

For illustration purpose only

It seems we are almost hitting our 2nd target at 1.40 today… with a high at 1.39 as of now…

Starting to see some profit taking where one can also lock in some partial profits too and more importantly, protect them....

However, upside may still be possible on any specific price action above 1.40…

Targets have been revised higher last week too. Let’s see if that plays out again…..

System wise?  Still looking good, at least for now ;)

For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

CapitaCom Trust: Heading towards next target? Price 1.93

Following up on previous post on CapitaCom Trust few weeks back >>>

It was then at about 1.785 and I mentioned that upside can still continue above 1.80… see the link above…

See chart that was shown in previous post below again….

For illustration purpose only

Anyway over the past 2 weeks, we did see more favourable price actions which led to more strength and…

Targets were redrawn and revised upwards…

See what I mean below…

Looks like our 2nd target at 2.00 is still on the cards and it may reach soon…. Prices playing out well as drawn…

Has hit a new high at 1.94 today where we are seeing some slight resistance at 1.95..

System wise? Still looking good…. ;)

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For illustration purpose only

UOB: Approaching key level again, may see an attempt soon, Price 25.47

UOB has been consolidating below the 25.50 over the past 1 month with some slight profit taking..

But new support at 24.60 and 25.00 seems to be holding well still…

We may see another attempt to break the 25.50 again where the upside can continue on some specific price action

Indicators still looking good for now….

May lead the STI index higher again on a move…

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For illustration purpose only

Friday, November 17, 2017

Compact Metal: Actions spotted, to next target? Price 0.052. System says?

Some actions were spotted over the past few days with the 0.040 level clearing out strongly and buyers were out in force..

We have seen our 1st target at 0.050 hit today but seems like buyers are still ready to take it higher..

2nd target at 0.055 looks on track with uptrend still firm above 0.050 now….

Targets may be revised higher on more positive price actions…

See what was sent out a few days back with targets drawn….

For illustration purpose only

Checking the SYSTEM to see what it says..

We actually had a 1GT BULLISH ENTRY signal on the 10 Oct 2017….

Entry price at 0.029…. and the thing is…

There are still NO EXITS….. (see what I mean below)

Looking at a 86.2% GAIN in 1 month and counting…..

Will be checking to see when the exit signal will come out…..

It can take us where it want to take us while we protect profits upwards…. Make sense?  J

Looking forward to impart my knowledge to my next batch of students just NEXT Friday... Super excited....

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For illustration purpose only

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

YZJ Shipbldg: 2nd target breached too, price 1.71. New upside again? System?

We have covered this stock again 2 weeks back when we spotted some nice actions above the 1.53 level.

Some targets were drawn then when it was about 1.555 and strength returned….

Today, we have actually seen BOTH the 1st target and the 2nd target HIT..

SEE below chart that was sent out 2 weeks back…. ;)

For illustration purpose only

The 1.70 level has been breached today and there can still be more upside even though we are waiting for further confirmation as of now…

Targets may be revised higher on some specific price action

System wise?

Yes, we actually saw some bullish signals recently again….. shhh…..

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

COSCO SHP SG: The System Revealed! Price 0.595! Any Exits?

Over the past 2 weeks, we have seen a pretty impressive run in COSCO SHP SG

The stock has gained 51 per cent over the past week, and 95 per cent over the past two weeks.

The stock's current rally occurred shortly after Chinese shipbuilder Yangzijiang Shipbuilding reported better-than-expected third-quarter earnings.

That was also just after Cosco announced a S$490 million cash buyout at S$1.02 per share of Singapore-listed logistics firm Cogent Holdings on Nov 3.

The stock has since began its aggressive push to a high of 0.61 today

We have covered this stock last week with targets drawn and revised higher with each passing day…

Seems like we are seeing our targets breached again….

See the 2 charts below before we look at the SYSTEM below…

Targets drawn on 7 Nov 2017 Last Week
For illustration purpose only

Revised Targets drawn on 13 Nov 2017 Yesterday
For illustration purpose only

From the targets above, we can see that our manual analysis target at 0.65 may still be on tracked…

We may still see some profit taking near there…

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, we did had a BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL on this counter…

Specifically on my 1ET Strategy….. On the 1st November 2017

Yes, even before the announcement was made on 3rd Nov as seen above and even before the move began….

Entry price 0.31!

See what I mean below.

For illustration purpose only

Looking at A 91.4% GAIN IN 2 WEEKS AND COUNTING because…

There is still NO EXITS……..

So can there be more upside from here?

Why not… we’ll see where it takes us and when the exit signal will come….

But having said that, we would like to take concrete steps to protect profits at this juncture….

Super excited to welcome my next batch of PTI students in less than 2 weeks time to share with them why the signal is there…. And the concept behind!

Isn’t that more powerful, don’t you think?

Anyway, we are closed for this batch already apologies.

The next one will probably be in May or June next year… More details here for now >>

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Monday, November 13, 2017

COSCO SHP SG: Target hit. Still good to go? Price 0.485. May see more solid actions....

Just last week, I was alerted to this counter by one of my inner circle members and was quite positive on it too with some targets drawn

It started to break the 0.32 level and 0.36 gave way too where buyers started to rush in..

1st target at 0.40 has been hit subsequently in the next few days after…. And even a breached on some pretty positive price actions

Today we have still seen more strength with COSCO pushing higher away from the 0.40 support level and towards the 2nd target….

2nd target as drawn below has been hit this morning but there can be more upside still if we see more favorable price actions, especially above 0.50…

May be testing that soon…. ;)

Would want to protect profits though….

System wise, yes, we did see something before the move started recently….

Still looking good for now…. ;)

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See chart that was sent last week below.

For illustration purpose only

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Business Times: Down S$740k after penny-stock crash, he clawed his way back

What a blissful day today seeing all the encouraging messages and well-wishes.

It has indeed been a rough journey these years and I am glad to have come out of it.

Thanks to my loved ones, family and friends for their unwavering faith and support. Thanks for believing in me.

For those who I have crossed paths with, thanks for guiding me and helping me in one way or another.

Super grateful and praise to God for his blessings.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Allied Tech: Target hit, a new phase of upside again? Price 0.070

Just last week, we managed to spot a move in Allied Tech and INNER CIRCLE was alerted at about 0.063.

A chart with some targets were drawn (See below).

It has broke the 0.060 level with some good price actions, and before we knew it, buyers started to come back firmly…

Seems like we are seeing more strength with 1st target at 0.070 about to be tested and breached real soon too…

Can the 2nd target still be on track?


System spotted it… no exits yet…. Shhh, will see when….

Indicators still looking ok, at least for now….  ;)

For illustration purpose only

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jiutian Chemical: May take a breather for now after the massive spike....Price 0.078.

Following up from previous blog post in Jiutian Chemical about 2 weeks back >>>

It was mentioned that INNER CIRCLE members were alerted at about 0.045 and that first tagret at 0.050 has already been hit…

Was at 0.049 when it was first posted on my blog….

However, I also mentioned that there can also still be more meat on any speicific price action…..

See what was sent out again 2 weeks back….

For illustration purpose only

Over the past week, we have indeed seen more strength with the 2nd target target above at 0.060 breached as well….

However, more strength was anticipated and new updated charts with revised targets were drawn last week….

See what I mean…

For illustration purpose only

Seems like the 0.070 level has gave way as well and we are seeing a high at 0.081 today…

Some support seen at 0.075 for now

Will be watching to see if there is more meat above 0.080…

Some profit taking normal given the massive spike over the past 2 weeks.

From 0.045 when inner circle were FIRST alerted to 0.078 now… looking at a 73.3% gain in less then 2 weeks….

More to come? 

Well, we did see something on the SYSTEM….. before the move began…..

Would want to take critical steps to protect profits while still allowing more room to ride….

See where we are now below….

For illustration purpose only

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hi-P: We are almost there.... Price 1.995. Is the upside really over?

Hi-P has continued its bullish rampage….

It seems like we are approaching the 2.00 target as drawn….

An updated chart with revised targets were shown to inner circle members exactly 2 weeks back…. (See what I mean below)

For illustration purpose only

Was then just rebounding from the 1.60 level when we spotted something….

And some new targets drawn to 2.00….

We’re almost there…. Price 1.995 as of now….

Questions: “Is the upside really really over already? like no more meat?”

Well, the SYSTEM still shows something and we would like to use it as a guide…. Just saying….

Waiting for that price action again for the next round…  ;)

Take a look at what the SYSTEM SAID a few weeks back…..

Yes, before the REAL move BEGAN…. Still good? PTI grads can check…..

For illustration purpose only

Venture: Target just breached again..... Price 20.96. What a run caught!

Following up from previous blog post in September where I shared above Venture >>>

It was then at 17.56 and there was a target drawn to 18.00 actually…. 

See the chart that was shown again below….

For illustration purpose only

We then started to see more actions with the 18.00 target hit and it still continued pushing higher….

Just last week, inner circle was alerted again when we saw renewed strength….

It was consolidating below 18.80 for about 3 weeks before the move came again

See the updated chart that was sent last week where target was revised  higher to 20.00….

For illustration purpose only

Just this morning,  we have seen the 20.00 target NOT ONLY hit as well BUT has also broken through…

What a run we have experienced so far…

The uptrend still looks good but some selling pressure seen on new highs near 21.00….

Would want to protect profits too…

I also mentioned about the SYSTEM in previous blog post….

Still good?

PTI GRADS can check and see what it says…. shhh….. 

Great run indeed…. Thanks to the signal….

Friday, November 3, 2017

CapitaCom Trust: Upside may continue above 1.80... Price 1.785.

Just a few days back, there were some nice actions spotted and buyers started to load up with inner circle alerted

Approaching our first target at 1.80 as drawn where some profit taking possible but upside may still be possible… We’ll see…

Was then at about 1.725 as in chart below which was captured live….

As long as 1.70 holds now, we are short to mid term positive and may still consider accumulating on dips along the way….

What about the SYSTEM?

Yes, we saw something bullish too….. a bullish signal I mean…. last week…. before the move started this week….

Any exits??? PTI grads can check……  ;)

For illustration purpose only.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sunright: Did it just blew past our targets..... Price 0.78. More upside above 0.80?

Spotted some actions last Thursday and the move came indeed….

Have broke our first target and cleared our 2nd target as well over the past few days….

Questions is, can there be more upside still above 0.800?

Possibly…. If we see something specific in the next few days…..

Targets may be revised higher as well….. Watching……

System wise?

Yes! We saw something before the move….. just saying….. 

Inner circle would know why we saw what we saw…

For illustration purpose only.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

China Sunsine: Pushing towards next target? Price 1.04. System Revealed!

We have indeed seen our upside targets hit at 0.95 and even 1.00 over the past few days....

See previous chart again below..

For illustration purpose only

Seems like we are seeing more strength today with China Sunsine pulling away from the 1.00 level...

Target at 1.10 may still be on tracked as mentioned to inner circle members last week....

As mentioned in previous blog post, we did had a BULLISH SIGNAL on the SYSTEM previously.....

Before the move even started....

It was on the 3rd of October 2017, ENTRY PRICE AT  0.85.

Looking at a 21.2% GAIN IN 1 month and counting....

Still NO EXITS as of now.....

More upside from here???

Actions seems like starting again.... We will be watching when the EXIT signals comes out  ;)

For illustration purpose only

Best World: Target hit, but still good to go? Price 1.495

Just about 2 weeks back, we spotted some nice actions in Best World and inner circle members were alerted with some targets drawn….

Was then at about 1.41 and we were waiting for a specific price action to lead the reversal

Indeed, a few days later it came….

See the targets that was drawn then….

For illustration purpose only

Finally after more than a week, we have seen our first target at 1.50 hit today….

Just touched in the morning only…

Can there still be more upside towards our 2nd target???

Why not…. If we see something again specifically….. then possible….

For now, seeing some profit taking which is normal by the way….

System wise?

Yes we did had a bullish signal before the move started!!!  Shhh……

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