Monday, November 6, 2017

Venture: Target just breached again..... Price 20.96. What a run caught!

Following up from previous blog post in September where I shared above Venture >>>

It was then at 17.56 and there was a target drawn to 18.00 actually…. 

See the chart that was shown again below….

For illustration purpose only

We then started to see more actions with the 18.00 target hit and it still continued pushing higher….

Just last week, inner circle was alerted again when we saw renewed strength….

It was consolidating below 18.80 for about 3 weeks before the move came again

See the updated chart that was sent last week where target was revised  higher to 20.00….

For illustration purpose only

Just this morning,  we have seen the 20.00 target NOT ONLY hit as well BUT has also broken through…

What a run we have experienced so far…

The uptrend still looks good but some selling pressure seen on new highs near 21.00….

Would want to protect profits too…

I also mentioned about the SYSTEM in previous blog post….

Still good?

PTI GRADS can check and see what it says…. shhh….. 

Great run indeed…. Thanks to the signal….

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