Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Genting Sing: Almost touching target... Price 1.39. Still good to go?

Just about 2 weeks ago, we spotted some really good price action in Genting above the 1.25 level….

Some upside targets were drawn as indicators were also looking good then plus..

We also had a bullish signal with no exits on the system then….

See chart issued 2 weeks back when it was at about 1.285…

Was expecting the move above 1.30 soon and INDEED, it happened after a few days….

For illustration purpose only

It seems we are almost hitting our 2nd target at 1.40 today… with a high at 1.39 as of now…

Starting to see some profit taking where one can also lock in some partial profits too and more importantly, protect them....

However, upside may still be possible on any specific price action above 1.40…

Targets have been revised higher last week too. Let’s see if that plays out again…..

System wise?  Still looking good, at least for now ;)

For illustration purpose only

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