Friday, November 24, 2017

Jiutian Chemical: An Exit seen finally.... then a sell down began... Price 0.071

Following up from previous blog post about 3 weeks back when Jiutian Chemical was at 0.078 >>>

I mentioned that there can be more meat above 0.080… and that the SYSTEM spotted something too….

Indeed, we have see the upside continue over the past 2 weeks to a high of 0.095 last week before some profit taking set in….

Unfortunately, we have seen the 0.080 support break down over the past few days and seems like sellers are ready to take it lower….

Some downside targets was drawn yesterday with the first one about to be hit.

For illustration purpose only

We may expect more selling below 0.070 too as per 2nd target drawn on more negative price action….

Hopefully some support coming in along the way….

From the SYSTEM, finally, yes, we did see an EXIT few days back with inner circle cautioned too…. (See below)

Yes, before the fall began…. Cautious long….

Would want to wait for some stability and reversal price action before any entry to catch the rebound again…

Luckily, we have a system to guide us and warn us…

Can’t wait to share more about the strategy behind this system to my next batch of students over the weekend… ;)

For illustration purpose only

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