Monday, November 13, 2017

COSCO SHP SG: Target hit. Still good to go? Price 0.485. May see more solid actions....

Just last week, I was alerted to this counter by one of my inner circle members and was quite positive on it too with some targets drawn

It started to break the 0.32 level and 0.36 gave way too where buyers started to rush in..

1st target at 0.40 has been hit subsequently in the next few days after…. And even a breached on some pretty positive price actions

Today we have still seen more strength with COSCO pushing higher away from the 0.40 support level and towards the 2nd target….

2nd target as drawn below has been hit this morning but there can be more upside still if we see more favorable price actions, especially above 0.50…

May be testing that soon…. ;)

Would want to protect profits though….

System wise, yes, we did see something before the move started recently….

Still looking good for now…. ;)

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See chart that was sent last week below.

For illustration purpose only

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