Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Jiutian Chemical: May take a breather for now after the massive spike....Price 0.078.

Following up from previous blog post in Jiutian Chemical about 2 weeks back >>> http://singaporetradinginsights.blogspot.sg/2017/10/jiutian-chemical-next-phase-up-price.html

It was mentioned that INNER CIRCLE members were alerted at about 0.045 and that first tagret at 0.050 has already been hit…

Was at 0.049 when it was first posted on my blog….

However, I also mentioned that there can also still be more meat on any speicific price action…..

See what was sent out again 2 weeks back….

For illustration purpose only

Over the past week, we have indeed seen more strength with the 2nd target target above at 0.060 breached as well….

However, more strength was anticipated and new updated charts with revised targets were drawn last week….

See what I mean…

For illustration purpose only

Seems like the 0.070 level has gave way as well and we are seeing a high at 0.081 today…

Some support seen at 0.075 for now

Will be watching to see if there is more meat above 0.080…

Some profit taking normal given the massive spike over the past 2 weeks.

From 0.045 when inner circle were FIRST alerted to 0.078 now… looking at a 73.3% gain in less then 2 weeks….

More to come? 

Well, we did see something on the SYSTEM….. before the move began…..

Would want to take critical steps to protect profits while still allowing more room to ride….

See where we are now below….

For illustration purpose only

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