Friday, October 27, 2017

UnUsUal: Did it Just boomed again as mentioned? Price 0.695. System says?

Just last week, inner circle spotted some actions with UnUsUal clearing above the 0.54 resistance level that it has traded below for the past 5 months..

Have not seen much actions before and suddenly it has awakened…

What an unusual name by the way… haha

Anyway, our first target at 0.600 has been hit this week and more strength came back….

See what was sent out last week with targets drawn….

For illustration purpose only

Has started to push higher towards our next higher revised target at 0.700

May see some profit taking near here before more direction… 

Not a bad run….

See what were our revised target yesterday to inner circle….  Almost hit…

Still more upside?

Read more below this chart to see what the system says!

For illustration purpose only

More importantly, some people have asked me what the SYSTEM SAYS AFTER massive run over the past few weeks….

Well, we did have a 1ET BULLISH Entry signal…

27 Sept 2017, exactly 1 month ago…. Entry price at 0.505…

Looking at a GAIN OF 37.6% IN 1 MONTH and counting….

Still NO EXITS……

Upside may really still not be over….will see what the system says again in the coming weeks…..

But we will take step to protect profits right now!!!  ;)

For illustration purpose only

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