Friday, October 13, 2017

China Sunsine: Nearing 2nd target... Is the upside over? Price 0.925.

Just last week, we saw a Bullish Entry signal where inner circle members were alerted and before we knew it, some positive actions started.  

Was then at about 0.855 and was expecting a move above 0.90 and eventually to 0.95 as drawn...

Anyway it started to show some actions this week with the 0.90 giving way too as predicted….

Nearing the 0.95 key level now….

Fyi, this stock was also in the TOP 5 STOCKS WITH BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL report release on Tuesday Morning….

Can the upside continue?

Waiting for more meat above 0.95 actually if further price action are seen and also with the system’s help .….

We’ll see…. ;)   

Get the report to see the BULLISH SIGNAL  and of course 4 more other stocks you need to Watch list.

Actually, almost all have rallied after the report was released on Tuesday morning, but there can still have more upside imo…

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