Monday, October 16, 2017

Hong Fok: Some actions spotted, uptrend may continue.. Price 0.88

Just last Friday, we spotted some really good actions in Hong Fok with it testing the key 0.85 level where inner circle was alerted.

Has been trading below this key level since March this year and finally some actions.

Anyway, was then at about 0.855 and a chart was pulled out with some targets drawn.

See below what I mean….

For illustration purpose only

Today, we are still seeing more strength and looks set to test our 1st target at 0.900 soon as drawn…

As long as 0.85 is a support now, uptrend remains intact with more room for the reversal to continue….

Indicators also looking good….

But more importantly, we are still NOT seeing any Exits on my SYSTEM….

Yes we did see some bullish signals about 3 weeks back…. before the move began.. just saying… ;)

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