Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Lian Beng: Target hit but upside may not be over yet, price 0.745. System says?

Just 2 weeks back, we saw some positive actions in Lian Beng with it breaching past the key 0.65 level.

It was then at about 0.66 level and a chart was quickly drawn with some targets

Indicators were also looking favorable then, 

See what was sent out to inner circle members

For illustration purpose only

Over the past 2 weeks we have indeed seen more strength and it has NOT ONLY breached our 1st target at 0.70 but also continued to push higher over the past few days….

Seeing a new high at 0.745 today again.

For now, we may see some temp resistance at 0.75 but we may still be good to go after that… target hit, but upside may not be over…  ;)

SYSTEM still looking nice….

Yes, we did see a CLEAR BULLISH SIGNAL on the system……

Before the move started….. see where we are now below….

Can it head to our higher revised target at 0.80 then 0.90?

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I mean not that delayed though there can still be more upside....

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For illustration purpose only

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