Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oxley: Spotted and ran.... More upside still? Price 0.735

Just about 2 weeks back, we spotted some actions with Oxley approaching the key resistance level at 0.60 - 0.61……

It was then at about 0.59 and a chart was pulled up with some targets drawn where we expected it to hit 0.66 in the short term….

See what I mean below….

Over the past week, we have not only seen more favorable price action but we saw our 1st target breached as well….

For illustration purpose only

We have raised our target higher last week to 0.70 and for those who have attended my seminar last Thursday.. (Last workshop left next Sunday btw)

This was also the stock that was mentioned for more upside….

Seems like we have breached both targets and looking to head towards 0.800 next.. 

Price at 0.735 now…

Looking at a 24.5% GAIN IN 2 WEEKS from when we first spotted it!!!!

Would want to protect profits….

Looking forward to share more stocks like these to my NEW BATCH of Inner circle members in 1 month’s time… super excited!!!!

For illustration purpose only

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