Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Micro-Mechanics: System Revealed! More upside? Price 2.10

Yesterday , we saw a massive run in Micro-Mechanics and some asked what the prospects were for more upside…

I was taking a look at the system to see how it looks and here it goes…

Looking at more than 60% gain from the 1st bullish 1ET signal in August at current price…

We had an exit for that signal and the thing is…

We actually had NEW BULLISH ENTRY signals last week again….

Before the move happened yesterday….

System aside, still looking good above 2.00 imo… will be seeing when the next exit SIGNALS comes out….

For now, NO EXITS yet….

Can’t wait to impart to my next batch of students in a few weeks time the reason BEHIND the signals…  don’t you think it is so much more powerful if you know why?

But more importantly, give them exclusive access to this SYSTEM….….

For illustration purpose only

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