Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hi-P: Uptrend firm above 1.05 now.... price 1.065, spotted last week! System?

Just last week, we saw some actions in Hi-P at about 1.00 and inner circle members were alerted

A note with chart was sent in the inner circle group chat with targets drawn as seen in the chart below.

It was then trying to test and cross the 1.00 resistance level which it did over the past few days.

See what I mean below.

For illustration purpose only

Have managed to hold above the new 1.00 support over the past few days and some actions seen yesterday again as it tried to attempt a move above the temp 1.05 resistance.

We can expect more upside with targets drawn still on track as long as 1.05 holds now.

System wise, we saw something nice recently…. J

PTI GRADS can check….

Can it touch 1.10 then 1.20 targets as drawn?

Well let’s see…. 

Uptrend looks intact for now….

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