Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jadason: Exit signal came... then a sell down... price 0.105

I mentioned that we did had a bullish signal for Jadason which alerted us to ride the upside over the past 1 month where it hit a high of more than 0.120 last week...

There was no exit on the system then on last Tuesday.

However, fast forward to a week now..

Over the past few days, we saw the temp 0.115 support gave way and...

....the Exit signal also came out. See below

For illustration purpose only

Definitely a good to time to exit on any long positions with this signal first.

Today we are indeed seeing a sell down below 0.110 further...

Hopefully 0.100 support holds now before probably a re-entry?

Will see.

Great to have a system to alert us on any potential dangers and keep us in check not to be greedy at times...  J

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