Thursday, July 20, 2017

China Sunsine: More upside above 0.90 next, price 0.88. Mentioned in seminar, system?

Over the past few days, we have seen China Sunsine showing some positive actions when it neared the 0.84 level….

Have been capped below this level for more than 2 months and it was indeed something meaningful..

Therefore, a note was sent out to my inner circle to watch list and prepare for any potential upside….

A chart was sent too… With some targets drawn of course….

See below what was sent… price was at 0.83 then…

Indeed the move came yesterday where we saw buyers coming in to break the 0.84 key level on some specific price action..

Inner circle members were of course alerted again too yesterday…

Now at 0.88 where we can see it attempt a move above 0.90 also.

Uptrend intact as long as 0.84 – 0.85 is a support now.

Towards 1.00?  ;)

Anyway, this was one of the stocks that was mentioned in my Market Outlook seminar about 2 weeks back

Along with other 5 stocks..

Total 6 stocks. At last check, all in the money. Yes, all 6. Current price vs price just before seminar.  ;)

Want to see what are all the 6 stocks?  Click here

System wise, yes we’ve got something recently too… just saying…

PTI grads can check…. Shhhh…

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