Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jiutian Chemical: Heading towards next target? price 0.083

About 2 weeks back, we spotted Jiutian Chemical approaching the 0.067 level with some bullish price actions

A note was sent out to inner circle with some upside targets drawn after seeing a nice potential reversal move…

It has been consolidating below 0.067 for about 3 weeks and long term trend was still up…

See what was sent out below….

We have seen the 1st target at 0.075 hit last week and seems like more upside ahead towards our 2nd target…

Some selling pressure were expected near 0.080, but it seems like that resistance has given way too over the past few days

Take a look at targets that were reiterated again few days back towards 0.090 – 0.095….

We may be halfway there… See below chart…

As long as 0.080 is a support, upside still good to go, at least for now….

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