Tuesday, January 9, 2018

[FREE VIDEO] Top 6 Stocks Revealed and some already playing out... Have you watched?

Just over the weekend, I prepared a 20 mins video where I shared about the Outlook for Dow Jones and the STI….

And more importantly, I revealed the Top 6 Stocks that I am watching right now as we begin 2018….

Had actually gave a few more bonus stocks to watch list…

At last checked, close to a thousand people have seen the video within a day and numbers still increasing….

Don't miss out >>  Watch video now.

Some of the counters mentioned in the video have already shown some bullish actions as predicted….

And 2 of them is right below..

It was also explained in the video in detail why upside was possible…

I actually walk you through the charts with my mouse moving and clicking and talking away… 

It can’t be any better right?  ;)

See the charts below and targets drawn previously…

Want to know what the above stocks are?

And more importantly, what are the other TOP stocks with upside potential right now?

There can still be more meat to go though its halfway towards our 1st target already..

There are also others to that you can put in your watch list too that have not started actions yet BUT MAY start soon….

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