Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gem Spotted at the Beginning of the year... 128.6% gain in 3 weeks..... see what counter it is?

Today, one of my clients mentioned about the trading halt of this counter called Equation after it has risen so much…

I have not followed this counter before so decided to take a look at the system….

I was shocked upon looking at it, did not know that it had gone up so much in just 3 weeks…

We actually had a BULLISH signal LAST DAY of the year 2016, ENTRY PRICE AT 0.014…..

Then when 2017 began, there was no stopping it…. Up up consolidate up up… Boom!

Currently seeing prices at 0.032 while it is still halted…  

Will an EXIT come soon for this counter, I am not too sure…

Was enjoying my NEW YEAR holidays and forgotten to scan…. Shucks…  Looking for other opportunities now….

Congrats to PTI Graduates who rode this J

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For illustration purpose only

For illustration purpose only

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