Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DBS: First target hit, more upside still possible? price 19.00

From yesterday’s call, we have seen the 18.50 give way indeed and up it went fast and furious....

Today, BUYERS were strong on opening with it gapping up and opening at 19.00

First target HIT at 19.00 as drawn in the chart below yesterday.

Seeing some profit taking for now near 19.00 but can we still more strength towards 19.35 then 19.50 in the short term after some consolidation?

Well, from the system, we actually had EXITS for the Bullish signals in November 2016.. 

But then again, are there any re-entries recently? Pti grads can scan to find out J

Raise sl for those who were locked in to protect profit nevertheless.


Recent Email:

Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 9:21 AM
Subject: ****** DBS: Approaching key resistance level, hopefully a move above soon, selling seen below for now, price 18.46
Today, we are seeing it approach the key 18.50 level where we can see selling again. Only a firm move above on a specific price action can see more upside. Mid to long term trend looks ok for now with it supported above channel support line.

For illustration purpose only

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