Friday, June 17, 2016

China Env: 2 weeks on, a breakdown seen again, price 0.035.... how low can it go?

From email call issued, we have seen a new multi-year low again with it closing at 0.035 today….

To be honest, don’t look good if even the 0.035 support fails….

As mentioned in email call, we can see more downside towards 0.030 then 0.020 if that happens…

I mean, no one knows how low it can go…

What I do know is that the trend is a clear down, at least for now, till I see something that says it is not….

If not, it is down…. Simple…..


I Would like to share that there is a 1ET Bearish Entry Trigger on the 20 April 2016, which was like 2 months ago….

SELL Entry price was 0.063…..

A clear SELL ENTRY to be precise….

And down it went….

Looking at a 41.9% GAIN if you have shorted and held till now from the first Entry….

In 2 months…..

There were actually some exits to take profits then SELL RE-ENTRIES AGAIN 2 weeks back on specific criteria….

Down by another 7% more today and Closed at 0.035 today….

Another thing that I do know is that, my stop loss would be at 0.038 now for my short positions….

Let’s see if it touches 0.030 next week…. J

Email call: 

Sent: Friday, June 03, 2016 12:52 PM
Subject: ************* China Env: A breakdown below 0.040 will not be a good sign........ price 0.042
We have seen a breakdown to a new low for China Env with it touching the support at 0.040 for now. If the 0.038 – 0.040 were to clear out eventually, we can expect more serious selling pressure to take it lower to 0.030 then 0.020 even. Downtrend intact for now with resistance a 0.045 – 0.046 for now. CFD SELL can be used to ride any temp rebound and a potential firm breakdown. Cautious long….

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