Friday, September 13, 2013

****** Impending breakout again: Vard Holding. Share price 0.975. (Monitor closely for Breakout and entry !)

Following up from BUY Trading Call made last Thursday.  Vard has indeed traded higher each day and it is about the test the CRITICAL 1.00 level. Something like Yangzijiang 2 days back. There are currently huge sellers stacked at the Incredible resistance at this moment and this will likely be a barrier to go above. However, we can expect to see more Short term Potential upside to 1.06, 1.10, then 1.20 if the sellers at 1.00 can taken out . Possible to set a CFD BUY STOP to catch this breakout level and can average up at 1.005 to 1.01. If the breakout does occur above 1.00, this will be the new support level and as long as it holds, we are short term bullish for a rebound.
Stop loss at 0.985 for long positions on breakout.

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