Thursday, September 12, 2013

******* For Aggressive Traders: YHM - TRADING BUY on breakout . Share price 0.050 now. (All time high broke the 0.048. - Watch closely, more upside if the 0.050 and 0.051 clears out !)

YHM is currently at an all time high as it has broken the Critical 0.048 level. Has been consolidating below this level since the start of the year till now and we have finally seen it broke across today. More upside if the 0.050 clears out and if it stays above. Possible to head to 0.06 quickly if that happens. Has tested it 3 times since May 2013 but has failed to break above each time only to head lower again. This breakout on TOP 3 volume will be likely to see some upwards momentum going forward in the next few days.
Stop loss at 0.046 strictly.

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