Friday, September 13, 2013

******** Still a BUY on consolidation: China Env. Share price 0.385. ( Tested 0.400 resistance, soon.....) REPOST: NOW 0.415 !

Posted on Wednesday. Broke the 0.400. NOW 0.415.
Following up from previous BUY call made last Monday on 2nd September 2013. China Env has managed to stay above the 0.35 resistance turned support level and today we have seen it test the 0.400 immediate psychological resistance level. Can consider locking in some Long positions within this range above the 0.35 support. As long as 0365 is not broken down, we favour a up move with 0.44 and 0.50 as the next target if the resistance at 0.400 clears out. Possible to average up at 0.405 to 0.41 level on break out for aggressive traders.
Stop loss at 0.345.

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