Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Best World: Near our final target... System says? Price 1.85

Following up from call on Best World about 2 weeks back where it was at about 1.70 >>

We have indeed seen the push above this level and buyers started pushing it higher…

Over the past few days we have managed to break above the 1.80 level and still heading towards our final target at 1.90..

See targets that were reiterated over the past week..

It was mentioned also in the previous post that we actually had a bullish signal on the PTI System…

So are there any exits yet?

Well, we have indeed got a recent 1ET Bullish Entry signal on the 23 Oct 2018..

More than 2 weeks back… when  it actually broke above the 1.50 level on some pretty decent bullish actions…

And then the up move started… all the way to about 1.85 now…

Still NO EXITS as of now as you can see below..

Looking forward to share more about the System and more importantly the concept behind the system to my new batch of students next Friday

We may start to see some good profit taking near 1.90 imo…

So would also be wise to lock  in some profits and more importantly, protect them… ;)

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