Wednesday, June 6, 2018

IFAST: Upside target may still be on track... Price 1.09

Just about 2 weeks back, we saw some good actions with IFAST attempting the move above the key 1.00 level..

Hence some target were drawn as we were expecting more upside…

To 1.15 target probably as seen below.

Trend indicators were also looking favorable and a potential reversal on the cards…

See what was sent then…

Over the past few days, we have started to see positive movements again as it pushes towards target…

Some profit taking seen near 1.10 for now but upside target still on track and may be revised higher too on more specific price actions..

Had a bullish signal on the PTI system RECENTLY too fyi..

No exits… PTI grads can check….

See where we are below now…. Still good to go?

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