Friday, April 20, 2018

China Sunsine: Bullish actions seens again, system says? Price 1.53

Just last week, we spotted some nice bullish actions in China Sunsine for the reversal up move..

Some targets were drawn to the upside too for my inner circle as it happened then… see what I mean BELOW.

Anyway, a 5 mins video was released for the week of 16 April 2018 where I actually talked about why this stock was even picked up in the first place..

Along with a few other stocks..

No idea what video?? Click here to Watch…

Following up from the video that was released on the  15th April 2018, we have indeed started to see more strength in China Sunsine today….

Seems like we are even breaking the 1.50 level today as mentioned in the video….

We actually had a bullish signal on my system which was the reason why it was picked out…

See the system signal again below…. Looking at a 10.1% in 2 weeks and counting

Still No Exits….

Will be seeing when the exit will come…

More importantly, want to know the reason behing the signal??? Like why and how we use it to get in and out?

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