Wednesday, March 14, 2018

UMS: 1st Target hit..... Uptrend good and upside may not be over... Price 1.29. System?

Just last week, we spotted some nice actions in this counter called UMS….

It has broke above the 1.20 level and there were some pretty good price actions spotted which could point towards more upside in the short term…

Some upwards targets were drawn when it was at 1.21 then.

Inner circle and also my online premium community “The Monthly Forecast” were alerted too..

See what was sent below…

Over the past few days, we have actually hit our first target at 1.30 and for now, some consolidation seen….

Can there be more upside from here??

Well, possible…

We actually had a BULLISH signal from the system about 3 weeks back and still no exits…. Shhh….

Awaiting more confirmation for the next move to 2nd target…

If you have watched the TOP 3 STOCKS video which was prepared and released over the past weekend, then you would know that this was actually one of the counters that was shared too.

Not sure what video????

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