Thursday, March 1, 2018

Best World: 1st target hit, looking for more confirmation for next target.... Price 1.51

Just a few days back, we saw Best World approaching the key 1.40 resistance level which it has traded below since Nov last year….

Was then at about 1.39 and….

We were looking for more specific price actions to lead the reversal towards 1.50 then 1.60

We have been seeing selling near 1.40 all these while over the past 3 months but seems like buyers were ready to take it higher then….

Some upside targets were drawn as seen below…

We have hit our first target at 1.50 today with some profit taking seen for now… which is normal given that market is also slightly weaker today….

But awaiting for more price action confirmation for the next phase to 1.60 if any….


Partial profits can be taken too….

Finally some actions for the reversal….. would want to protect profits upwards too….

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See where we are below now…. More upside with higher revised targets… ???

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