Thursday, January 18, 2018

OUE: 1st target hit.... moving towards 2nd target... Price 2.03. How it came about?

Just 2 weeks back, we spotted some reversal actions in OUE as it approached the 1.90 level..

Some targets were drawn with the first one at 2.00

And indicators were also showing signs of a reversal….

See what the targets are below…

Over the past few days, we have seen this first target at 2.00 hit and it is still holding above well for now…

The 2nd target at 2.10 may well be on its way too though upside is now lesser compared to when it was at 1.89 when we first spotted….

Fyi, this stock was also mentioned in the video which I have prepared last week on 2018 Outlook and Top 6 Stocks.

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So how did we managed to have this stock in our radar?

Well, it was actually filtered out from the PTI System where inner circle have accessed to and we had a 1ET BULLISH ENTRY signal on 2 JAN 2018

Yes before the up move even started….

See what I mean below… Still NO EXITS yet…..

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