Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Delong: Still going strong... Any exits? See system.. Price 3.90

Just 2 weeks back, we spotted some actions in this counter Delong and inner circle were alerted..

This counter was also mentioned in the 2018 Outlook video which I did as we began 2018. There was even a blog post on it in case you still have not watch it >>

Though most of the stocks have already started to move, there may still be some opportunities… CLICK HERE to Gain access to video if you still have not yet.

Over the past 2 weeks, we have seem our 1st target breach and also Delong trading higher with a new high at 3.90 today….

Seems like it is heading towards our 2nd target as drawn 2 weeks back.. see the targets drawn below…

Indeed playing out well…..

More importantly, what was the reason why we even looked at this stock in the first place? How did we even pulled this out?

Well, it was due to the PTI System that allows is to scan out gems like these.

I was taking a look to see if there are any exits but seems like still no…

As seen below, after the previous entry and exit last year where there was a 136% gain, we had a NEW BULLISH ENTRY signal on the 5th Jan 2018, slightly more than 2 weeks back…

This was when this stock was pulled out and it was even mentioned in the outlook video prepared as we begin 2018.

We are looking at a 25.8% gain in 2 weeks and counting cause still no exits, will see when it comes out….

For now, still looking good above 3.90... may attempt the move above 4.00 soon....  J

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