Friday, December 1, 2017

YZJ Shipbldg: A Sell Down after Exit signal... but stabilizing, a recovery soon? Price 1.55

Following up from previous call about 2 weeks back, we have seen YZJ Shipbldg consolidated above the 1.70 for about a week but sellers were not willing to take it higher passed the 1.75…

From the system, we actually had an EXIT SIGNAL last week on 24th Nov 2017 and then the weakness started…

Especially when the  1.67 support broke down too….

See what I mean below…

For illustration purpose only

For now we are starting to see some support at the 1.52 – 1.53 level which was also the level it rebounded from previously…

Looking for some reversal price actions where we can hopefully see the recovery back to 1.60 then 1.64 first.

As long as 1.50 is a support, the mid to long term uptrend still looks fairly intact…

Watching…. See where we are below now… ;)

Thanks to the system for alerting us to any weakness….

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For illustration purpose only

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