Monday, October 2, 2017

8 page Report went VIRAL!! ... Thanks for the overwhelming response... Congrats on Gains made!

Just last Monday, I wanted to do something different and released some of the stocks that Inner circle members have accessed too on a daily basis….

So I wrote an 8-page report of the Top 3 Stocks for both long and short that we were looking at still.

If you have got the report, you’ll know that I actually gave a bonus stock for each direction. No idea what report?  Click here.

Anyway, thanks so much for the overwhelming response, the post literally went viral… (see below)

From above, you can see that we had 400 over likes, 163 shares and…

A HUMONGOUS amount of COMMENTS….. More than 1500 comments to be exact from this Facebook post alone…

With MORE THAN A THOUSAND people asking me to send them the 8-page report…

Fortunately, me and my team managed reply to every single comment and delivered as promised…

I am really happy to those who got the report and act on them.

For the LONG direction… all 4 stocks have already went up by about 2% to 7% in about a week….

Yes all 4. Do check and verify for those who read the report.

For those who still don’t have it, Click here.

The thing is, I am still quite confident that the upside may not be over for some of them….

Want to know how we do it? And maybe even get more stocks like this in your watch list?

A glance at the charts released last Monday…. Get report to see their names if you haven’t yet.   J

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