Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Valuetronics: Target hit and some selling seen, but upside may not be over, price 0.97

Last Thursday, we spotted some good actions in Valuetronics when it was about 0.865.

A note and chart was sent out where I mentioned that more upside LIKELY especially on a move above 0.90...

Clients were also notified in the afternoon to take a look at a potential bullish move...

Targets were drawn to 0.90 then 1.00 as seen from the below chart then... See what I mean.

For illustration purpose only

Just yesterday, we have indeed seen the move above 0.900 furiously... and an alert was sent too!

Buyers INDEED rushed in to take it higher all the way to our 2nd target at 1.00 as drawn...

.. before profit taking set in which is normal.

As of now, all targets as drawn in the chart last week has been hit.

We may start to see some consolidation again with some support at 0.95 for now before more direction.

Congrats to those who manage to get out as per targets set and profited from the rally....

Re-entry may be possible again.. ;)

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