Friday, August 4, 2017

Hi-P: 2nd target hit, profit taking normal, upside still possible... Price 1.185

Following up from previous blog post last week where I mentioned about seeing something nice on the system for Hi-P and more upside >>>

We were then at 1.065 and uptrend was still firm above 1.00 as mentioned.

See the chart that was shown last week again below.

Upside targets were at 1.10 then 1.20 as drawn also.

For illustration purpose only

Over the past week we have seen some bullish candles and Inner circle members were alerted again...

Finally, we saw the 1.10 resistance gave way yesterday and up it surged, fast!

Today it has hit our 2nd target at 1.20 as drawn above too with a high at 1.23.

Selling came in almost immediately due to huge spike over 2 days with it trading at above 1.185 now. Normal I would say.

Hopefully we can see some support found again before the upside continues.

System wise, still looking good ;)

See where we are now below!!!

For illustration purpose only

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