Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jadason: Spotted recently before move came, can still be good. Price 0.102. System says?

Just a few days back, we saw some price action in Jadason and inner circle members were alerted...

It was then at about 0.091.

Over the past 2 days, we have indeed seen some actions with it breaking the 0.095 key level.

Specific indicators also started to point to more strength on this move.

See chart below drawn then with targets also highlighted.

For illustration purpose only

After those calls, we have indeed seen Jadason breaking above the 0.100 psychological level yesterday even as mentioned.

It is still trying to push above yesterday’s high which is a good sign. 

Looking at a 12% gain from when it was first spotted.

With 0.100 holding now, can the upside still continue as per targets drawn in the chart?

The thing is, we did had a BULLISH SIGNAL on the system recently..... PTI grads can check! ;)

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