Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jadason: No exits seen yet, still good? Price 0.123 - System revealed!

I actually mentioned about Jadason in a blog post about 2 weeks back >>> http://singaporetradinginsights.blogspot.sg/2017/07/jadason-spotted-recently-before-move.html

Back then it was trading just above the 0.100 level and has actually risen by quite a fair bit from the 0.090 level…

I mentioned that upside was still possible with indicators also looking positive then…

Fast forward to 2 weeks now, we have indeed the upside continue with it hitting a new high at 0.125 today..

See where we are now below.

More importantly, I also mentioned about the system then..

About the system having a BULLISH signal

Some people have asked me today if there is ANY EXIT on the system after it has risen so much already.

So I thought why not reveal the system for all to see… (PTI grads can check too)

So here it goes below….

We did have a Bullish 1GT Signal on 19 June 2017.

Entry price at 0.093...

Yes, still NO EXITS.... after about a month... 33.3% gain in a month and counting....

So is the upside really really over???

Well would want to see what the system says in the coming days too...

Anyway, we would want to take concrete steps to protect profits no matter what... or take profit along the way up too...

I mean, let's not be too greedy... ;)

Well in case you do not know, this stock was also mentioned in my 2nd Half 2017 Market Outlook Seminar 2 weeks back on 1st July 2017..

Along with another 5 stocks...

Want to know what they are too?

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