Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hi-P: Some strength returning again, price 0.735. Bullish exit but.....

Following up from previous blog post, I mentioned about Hi-P having no exits from the previous bullish signal >>>

See chart again that was shown again here below....

For illustration purpose only

However just to share that we did see an exit eventually.

But, over the past few days we have seen some actions again after seeing a new bullish entry signal.

Today, it has started to pull away from the new support at 0.700....

System aside, still looking good above 0.700 imo...  J congrats to those still riding.

Will be looking to see when the exit will come again....  PTI grads can check and be alerted when it comes :)

Let’s see below where we are on a live chart now.....

For illustration purpose only

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