Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunningdale Tech: Pushing higher indeed, Price 1.67. System spotted it!

Following up from last week call, we have indeed seen Sunningdale Tech pushing higher to find a new high today.

Looks set to test 1.70 psychological resistance before some profit taking again, for now, uptrend firmly intact above 1.65.

There was a post on this counter about 2 weeks back where I mentioned about some signals >>>

Wanted to do a recap and see what the system says now.

Wow, it was again another home run after the 2nd entry signal.....

After the 1st exit, we had another NEW 1GT Bullish Entry signal , 1st March 2017. Entry price 1.34.

For illustration purpose only

Has been accelerating all the way till today where we are seeing a new high again at 1.675....

What can I say....  No Exits yet....

Let’s see if the 1.70 clears out too....

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