Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Alliance Mineral: A new upwards phase, NEW bullish signal really came? Price 0.27

Following up from the blog post last week where we were at 0.200 >>>

I mentioned about an exit signal for the massive rally we have seen since Jan 2017. See below chart.

I also mentioned that there could be another NEW RE-ENTRY signal.

Indeed it came!

And we saw a push up higher over past few days with it hitting a new recent high at 0.275 today.

Amazing run indeed. There may be more upside possible, protect profits, to 0.30 next? Or maybe even higher?

Re-entry bullish signal playing out well as per system. Take steps to protect profits. J  Congrats to PTI grads who were alerted again!

Want to see how we rode this all the way from Jan to now? 

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For illustration purpose only

Very humbled to hear that Precision Trading Intensive program has benefited my students greatly and their results are showing for themselves.

Thanks to my PTI inner circle community for being so generous in sharing and helping one another out and encouraging each other. :)

The nice words i receive like below are reasons why I want to continue imparting my blueprint and strategy to people though it can be quite tiring....

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